3DR Solo 3 Axis Gimbal Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

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The 3DR Solo Gimbal is a strong choice for those looking for a drone gimbal that provides smooth, fluid HD footage.

While usually sold bundled with 3D Robotic’s Solo drone, it is also available alone, for those who need a quality camera stabilizer for their quadcopter.

The 3DR Solo is a 3-axis gimbal, it delivers excellent performance with Go-pro cameras.

Read on to get to know the 3DR Solo gimbal better.

Main Features review

Cable Cam – With the 3DR Solo gimbal locked on a virtual cable during flight, users will have the liberty to pan or tilt the camera without having to worry about piloting the copter. In addition, the 3DR Solo gimbal can even memorize shots and fly by itself from one frame to another.

Orbit Mode – The Orbit mode on the 3DR Solo allows you to lock your GoPro onto an object, and puts the 3DR Solo on a circular track. Users will be able to adjust its radius as well.

Follow Mode – Another feature of the 3DR Solo is the Follow mode. This feature enables the gimbal to follow you around, while in the air. With this mode enabled, the camera will be focused on you, capturing your every move.

Selfie Mode – The Selfie mode on the 3DR Solo allows you to put yourself in the center of a scenic aerial reveal.

Optimized for Go-pro – The 3DR Solo is a perfect fit for your Go-pro, being the only one with live wireless HD and in-flight access to Go-pro controls.

3DR Drone gimbal with gopro hero 4


The PROS of the 3DR Solo Gimbal

One of the best parts of the 3DR Solo gimbal is that, it is probably the easiest to manage. You need not be a professional to use the 3DR Solo. With its excellent features, even a beginner will be able to take professional aerial photos and videos.

You can control, change settings, take photos and stop or start recording with your smartphone.

The included app is user friendly, and frankly really useful

3DR Smartphone app

Being powered by two 1GHz chips, the 3DR Solo provides the smoothest and best aerial photography experience.

The 3DR Solo gimbal comes with several excellent features that will really be handy during flights. The features include the Orbit mode, Follow mode, and the Selfie mode.

In addition to the features above, the 3DR Solo is capable of memorizing shots and then flying by itself from one frame to the next.


The 3DR Solo does not really have major drawbacks. However, the price of the unit is quite high compared to other somewhat similar gimbals. Nevertheless, the 3DR Solo is packed with numerous essential features which make the unit well worth it.

3DR Solo drone gimbal

Technical specifications

Brand Name: 3DRobotics

Item Name: Solo Gimbal

Size: 6.7 inches x 5.5 inches x 4.1 inches (L x W x H)

Operating voltage: 7.4Volts – 14.8Volts DC

Work current: 200 mA – 500 mA

Working environment temperature: -15-65℃

Maximum angular rate: 2000 deg/ SEC

Maximum acceleration: 16g

Control frequency: 2000 Hz

Motor drive frequency: 20 kHZ

Accuracy: 0.1 deg

Control Range:-45-45 (Roll) -135-90 (Tilt)

Applicable filming equipment: GOPRO Hero3


Overall, is the 3DR Solo Gimbal worth the investment?

Definitely, YES!

Whether you are a professional or simply a beginner, the 3DR Solo gimbal is a drone stabilizer that you would find great. The unit comes with numerous awesome features, making it absolutely worth the investment.

Here is a footage shot with the 3DR Solo Drone and gimbal bundle, courtesy of 3DRobotics:

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