4 Travel Tips for Outdoor Adventurers to Capture Everything

Visiting the great outdoors and seeing the world in a rugged new way is a modern way of traveling.

A closer look at at most travel news outlets will show dozens (if not hundreds) of articles about where to go backpacking, which mountains to climb, and a host of other outdoor related achievements.

The outdoor adventurer in all of us finds the wild to be exciting and novel given our modern lifestyles.

While it isn’t for everyone, getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, rain, and other elements is quickly becoming the most popular way to travel.

Included are 4 specific travel tips for people that enjoy the great outdoors and want to make the most of their trips.


Pics or it Didn’t Happen

As with any modern event, if you’re going to do something amazing, you need to get good photography.

The rise of selfie-sticks and quality of phone cameras has made amateur photography much easier than before, but in the great outdoors this isn’t always possible.


  • 1: Get the Lighting Right  

    You can have a bad camera if you have good lighting and a few decent filters.Some of the most beautiful photographs in the world are shot on an iPhone camera with Instagram filters.

    You just need to make sure the lighting fits for the location you are trying to capture.


  • 2: GoPro & Accessories

    The GoPro brand has built their entire (large and publically traded) company on the outdoor adventurer.

    People across the globe have ponied up hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to get GoPro handheld devices because they are of good quality and they can get wet and dirty.

    Gopro cameraThe big accessory most people forget are gimbals, which allow the camera to be mounted and (more importantly) stabilized.

  • 3: Get a Battery Pack

    Whether you have a battery pack that you charge while near electricity or you have a solar powered pack, it is a good idea to have something so that you can keep your camera or phone (or both) charged.

    battery pack gopro
    This is good not only for protection purposes, but also if you want to go on an extended camping or hiking trip.

    The worst scenario is arriving at your final destination with no battery left to capture it!

  • 4: Invest in Lightweight Gear

    Camping equipment is incredibly expensive sometimes, but what you’re paying for is the lightweight, sleek, and highly efficient gear.

    Much of the equipment is foldable, easy to carry, and this all makes a difference with backpacking or camping.

    If you have all the food and supplies you need, the weight will add up quickly. Invest a bit of extra money in lightweight and efficient gear.


With these 4 tips you can not only capture your outdoor adventures with more ease, you can also do so better.

A few tweaks to your pictures, a couple extra pieces of equipment, and a healthy attitude for the outdoors and you’ll be enjoying the same outdoor adventures you see on the Travel channel!

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