Best Gimbals for Canon Powershot Camera

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Are you searching for the best gimbals for Canon Powershot Camera? Then, you have come to the right place.

Firstly, I would like to thanks to the popularity of the Canon Powershot Camera among the users. Even, You might be surprised to know that being a professional videographer, I have a great consideration of the highly sensitive Canon Powershot Camera. That is why I have collected the latest Canon Powershot Camera besides 3 more Powershot cameras because of its 24-100mm focal length and Intelligent IS stabilization system.

I hope we all have a lot of knowledge about this camera. So, Instead of talking about the camera, I’d like to focus on How to improve the image quality?

Analyzing a lot of things and, from my personal experience, I have found the only thing by which you can make your footage more delightful than without it.

Hey, are you excited to know this? Yes, you are right, that is the Gimbal.

From my experience, I have noticed that a gimbal works as a camera assistant for professional videographers or photographers. And, researching most of the gimbals on the basis of the present market, guess what I get.

I have found 3 3-Axis gimbals as the best gimbals for Canon Powershot Camera.

Let’s sort them out!

Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer

Zhiyun-Tech CRANE 3S Handheld Stabilizer

No one works always with the same camera or equipment because of different circumstances and different goal minds. Am I right?

Of course, yes! 

Every expert says that there are a lot of ways and gimbals for making image-standard and Zhiyun- Tech Crane 3S (Amazon) Handheld Stabilizer is one of the best gimbals for Canon Powershot Camera.

Firstly, Zhiyun Crane 3S is very much attractive to the videographers because of its sophisticated design with a moderate axis-locking and wireless control program. Not only that, but it also has the latest technology of detaching handle settings, extra-ordinary smooth motors and, external utility input.

Secondly, Crane 3S is one of the perfect gimbals for Canon Powershot Camera because of its 55 degrees roll angled axis. This design will help you to set your camera without covering the view and it has an option for fitting bigger cameras too.

Zhiyun runs with three rechargeable batteries for up to 12 hours. If you think this time is not enough for your shooting, you may increase your daily camera life-time using an external power bank for more than 6 to 10 hours.

Main features:

  • Having two handle options.
  • Modernized joystick with smart buttons.
  • Soft, rubberized comfortable hand grip.
  • Android  & iSO app operating system.
  • Long exposure time, focus time, and motion time-lapse camera settings.

What’s In the Box:

  • Easily  Releasable Camera Plate
  • SmartSling Handle
  • 3 x 18650 Battery
  • Battery Charger
  • Extra Arm
  • Lens Support
  • Lens Support Rod
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Mini-USB Cable
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Foam Safety Box
  • 3 x 1/4″-20 Screw


  • Axes: 3-Axis
  • Rotation: Yaw and Pitch: 360 degrees and, Roll: 330 degrees.
  • Load: Up to 7kg
  • Wireless connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery : 3 x 18650 & 2600 mAh (Lithium-ion)
  • Lifetime: 12 hours


Ikan DS2 Beholder

Ikan DS2 Beholder

When I shoot, I shall have to give my full focus on the camera screen. For this reason, Ikan DS2 Beholder (Amazon) is a great gimbal for Canon Powershot Camera for me. Basically, the DS2 Beholder is designed for one-handed use in the professional film industry especially for the capability of fitting maximum small cameras up to 5 lb weight.

Mainly, the 60s automatic-sweep mode is the best feature of Ikan DS2 Beholder Gimbal for Canon Powershot Camera. This gimbal has a great program of the 60s camera shake-free movement with lightweight and easy to fold in a safety bag.

Not only that, DS2 is capable of running up to 8-10 hours by its internal batteries, but if you want, you may enhance stand by time up to 20 hours.

DS2 has a soft rubberized grip joystick for one-handed use and sweep modes. Even, it has one more exciting feature in its bottom part which allows you to release the base plate if necessary to change the lens.

Finally, I think DS2 is a better gimbal for the Canon Powershot camera at a reasonable price.

Main feature :

  • Body construction is aluminum made.
  • Capable to rotate up to 360 degrees.
  • This gimbal moves with integrated motors.
  • Able to use with any cameras less than 5 lbs.
  • Having a smart joystick with stop/on mode.
  • Having an environment-friendly lithium battery.


  • Axes: 3-Axis
  • Battery life with stand by mode: up to 20 hours.
  • Rotation: 310 to 360 degrees
  • Capable to use: any camera less than 2.2kg
  • Battery: 2600 mAh

Tools In The Box:

  • Pre- Assembling releasable plate.
  • USB AC Charger
  • 18650mAh Batteries
  • Battery safety box
  • Gimbal Carey box.
  • Aluminum tripod.
  • Instruction book.
  • stabilizer.

Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus Gimbal Stabilizer

From my research, I have found that the young generation videographers are interested in new generation gimbals for their video shooting. And, the 6th generation Zhiyun-Tech Crane (Amazon) Plus Gimbal Stabilizer is one of the best choices.

Firstly, the POV system will allow you to lock your certain footage without shameless unless you aside from the camera. Finally, the new Algorithm System and all way controlling system joystick will make your image more smooth up to 360 degrees rotation. 

For having IOT (intelligent object tracking) technology, you can capture any kind of moving object without motion-lapse shooting. This will mark the running object with creating boxes and, because of the POV system, this will allow you to shoot up to 45 degrees angled lock watching on the screen instead of the object.

Capturing continuous star paths system is another extraordinary feature of this gimbal for Canon Powershot Camera to shoot with night lapse mode. This setting will help you to capture footage from day to night up to 18 hours because of having 25600 mAh Lithium-Ion battery

.Though the price of Zhiyun-Tech Crane Plus Gimbal is quite high, it is one of the best-sold gimbals at present because of its integrated features.


What Makes Me Interested :

  • Having a 6th generation IA system.
  • Able to rotate 360 degrees from all angles.
  • Able to shoot with night mode.
  • The load capacity is 2.5 kg.
  • Having an app control system with POV & IoT Mode.
  • 18 hours continuous capturing time with Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Including an aluminum-made tripod.


Tools In The Box:

  • Cables for camera control.
  • Charger
  • Li-Ion 26500mAh battery.
  • Screws.
  • USB cable.
  • Lens clamp.
  • Tripod for aluminum made.
  • Anti-slipper for tripods.

Wrapping Up

Finally, we know that human beings are born free. In our free time, we would like to watch live matches at the stadium, go rock climbing and so on. Similarly, at that time if we have a Canon Powershot Camera or a smartphone, we love to take some snapshots or videos to upload on the Facebook page or Youtube channel.

And, at the time of uploading, we must miss our important butterfly which is able to give motion and smooth videos that are the gimbals.

Though a gimbal for Canon Powershot Camera is necessary for your smooth photos and videos, you need to follow the price range, features, and specifications to choose the best one. 

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  1. Anu Vincent says

    Dear Josh,
    I am looking for a gimbal for the Canon Powershot SX70HS. I have found that no Zhiyun or Ronin gimbal is compatible with my camera, even though they tend to say ‘compatible with mirrorless cameras’. Can you give me any suggestions?

    1. Josh Kruger says

      Your going to be looking for a gimbal that can be generically supported. Essentially you will not be able to operate the camera via gimbals controls (such as focus). So gimbals such as the Ronin or Zhiyun may work as long as the weight of the camera is supported.

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