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Now you have your heart set on purchasing a Gimbal to shoot professional looking footage and maybe you want to find some extra information that we haven’t covered such as, which is the best Gopro Gimbal to use while Skiing?

Or maybe you are having a few issues uploading the latest firmware?

Whatever the situation you are looking for regarding the world of Gimbals we have you covered!


Here are some of the best sites and blogs you can turn to, if you have a dilemma or question in the great world Gopro  filming:


The GoPro Channel



The GoPro channel is a fantastic place resource where you find hints and tips on how to work your GoPro Gimbal to its maximum. Not only that, but they have a great video archive of all types of images and videos, including a great feature where you can put yourself on the map by “winning” the image of the day award. If you want to share your footage or look at videos to obtain a few ideas, then the GoPro Channel is the place to be.

Visit at :




VidProMom is a blog stuffed full of competitions, helpful live video webinars, services and ideas.

Maybe you are looking for some “real life” basic training on how to use your GoPro Gimbal?

Or you are looking for someone to edit your GoPro Videos of a recent special occasion? Or maybe you fancy your chances of winning a GDLR camera? Meredith at has it all and more!


GoPro with Kids


GoPro with Kids is basically a video blog with loads of tips on how to maximise your imagery when out and about with the whole family.

Martin & Veronika cover everything from loading your Gimbal, the best cameras to use while you bike riding, to how you can upload music to your videos!

A wonderful site that is well thought out. We love the fact that they think “out of the box” and cover things you didn’t think you needed – until you read the article on the blog, then it’s a must have!

Visit their blog at


BOPRO is a website where you can upload your GoPro footage and you can pay for their services to professionally edit your videos.

They take out the best imagery and transforms it into a piece of art.

They also have lots of video editing tips and articles, to help you find ways to create the perfect videos.



proeditors is a pro video editing service. Their goal is to take your gopro videos to the next level

They have great ways to shoot your footage with a time lapse, not only this, but they also have other editing tips and ideas on their blog.

The blog cover anything from Sunset timelapses to tutorials on how to turn some clips into slow motion.

A great blog if you are looking to learn video editing or for a professional to edit your footage for you.




Maybe you are going to the Great Barrier Reef, or deep sea diving in the Maldives and you want to film the perfect videos under water?

Then a good place to learn the ropes would be

These guys have beautiful, easy to follow videos to help turn you into a, Steven Spielberg, of the deep.

Everything you need to know is covered on this wonderful site, from the best cameras to use to underwater lighting.



World of Wanderlust


World of Wanderlust is a one of the best travel blogs on the web.

Brook Saward has several in-depth articles, offering you tips and tricks of how to shoot the perfect images and videos while you are travelling around our beautiful planet.

This helpful article will give you important tips to use your Gopro for travel photography

World of Wanderlust has an array of images from all the countries around the world ranging from local traditional cuisines to five star hotels.

If you are looking for paradise or just beautiful images, then the World of Wanderlust blog is the place to be!




Triphackr is an awesome travel blog.

The site owner, Clint, has travelled over 100 countries shooting footage with his GoPro Equipment for over 10 years.

He his an expert when it come to the little tips you need when you want to capture your once in a lifetime journeys.

His site offers anything from the best GoPro accessories to resources like purchasing cheap travel insurance. A great “go to” site, if you are preparing for a journey into the unknown!




Expertvagabond is a travel blog with a difference.

Matthew, the publisher travels around the globe with his GoPro camera, not only capturing beautiful footage, but also advises on the best equipment to for the particlar job in hand.

Maybe you are looking to shoot under water or in a cave?

Maybe you need to extra accessories to ensure your GoPro Camera is protected?

Whatever the dilemma, Matthew has it covered on his fantastic travel blog.





Thinking of going Skiing but you looking for ideas on how to film the perfect footage with your GoPro equipment?

Then Abe kislevitz’s website is a great place to checkout.

The blog is stuffed full of great ways to film the perfect extreme images.


The Glass Duffle


The Glass Duffle is a high quality travel blog. They have an interesting article that helps point you in the right direction on what GoPro kit you might need when travelling, and how to use it best.






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