Best Gopro Poles & Selfie sticks – a Buyer’s guide

Love ‘em or hate em’, Go-pro selfie sticks and telescoping poles are here to stay.

Perhaps that group of men and women seated in front of you will distract you from the game but, you have to admit that these tools allow perfect shots from angles that were utterly impossible in the past.

So, rather than getting angry with all the individuals and groups taking advantage of poles and selfie sticks to store their go-pro memories in the best way possible, get yours.

Now that you are onboard, we know that you are wondering about what the best ones would be. Well, we didn’t convince you to think about it just to leave you high and dry, here is out pro guide on how to get the best GoPro Pole / selfie stick:

RIVERSONG Extendable GoPro & Smartphones Monopod & Tripod : My favorite

Tripod with a smartphone mounted on it

You just can’t get a great selfie stick or tripod for a reasonable price, right? Think again! The Selfie Stick Tripod from Riversong is incredibly affordable and it offers some serious quality. It’s solidly constructed, extremely versatile, and it just works consistently great.

You can use this multi-function selfie stick and tripod with virtually any gopro camera or phone on the market today. The width of the phone holder is 55 cm to 85 cm, a size that will even fit larger phones like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Versatility is a major selling point for this product. You can use it as a monopod to help add stability to get that perfect photo. A non-slip design helps make sure your camera remains perfectly stable.

As a tripod, you can extend it all the way up to 60 cm, helping you to get that larger view. When using the tripod to take pictures with your gopro or smartphone, you can use the Bluetooth remote shutter that is compatible with all iOS and Android smartphones. As a selfie stick, you will appreciate that you have a full 360-degrees of rotation with the clamp while the holder of the stick can rotate 180 degrees. This lets you get the ideal angle and distance to take awesome photos.

A big problem with a lot of camera equipment is that it can be bulky and heavy. This product is definitely an exception. It’s extremely lightweight at only 148 g. The size is also quite manageable since it is extendable and retractable. It’s easy to tuck in a bag.

You can also count on this product lasting for the long haul. It’s very durable even when carting it around from place to place and using it in a variety of outdoor settings. It’s solidly constructed with tough aluminum alloy. You also get a 1-year warranty which can give some peace of mind.

At this low price, especially, you really can’t go wrong. This is a high quality product that offers a ton of value. It can definitely help you take better pictures.

Feature-centered Pole & Tripod

If you are looking for a telescoping go pro pole with many features to make your expeditions even better, then you have to go for the features.

How can you identify these poles? They are the ones which twist, click, and pan. In most cases, they are flexible and offer up to 360 degrees rotation.

One such telescoping pole is the Smatree SmaPole Q3.


It doubles up as a tripod, its high-performanceand versatility make it one of the strongest telescoping poles.

Floating go-pro stick

If you are in the market for a water-friendly telescoping pole or a selfie stick, then, you will not be disappointed. Your GoPro camera and a floating pole such as the GoPole GPE-10 Selfie Stick will make it possible for you to capture all those moments.


It features a 2-stage floating telescoping body that extends from 14 to 24 inches. For this pole to float, it has a fully tightened twist extension which locks well forming a watertight seal.  The pole is lightweight but sleek and durable, very comfortable and keeps your phone safe thanks to the wrist strap adjustment.

Go-pro compatibility and Mounts

It won’t matter if you bought the best telescoping pole or camera only to find that it is not compatible with your phone or your Gopro Hero camera.

So, the first thing that you’ll do when selecting a good selfie stick or extension pole is to ensure that it is compatible, and, not with a single device.

Some sticks like the Selfie World Professional 10-in-1 GoPro Monopod are compatible with almost all phones (Samsung or iPhone) and cameras.


This telescopic pole works with GoPro Hero & Session, GoPro Omni VR 360, Mini camcorders, action cams, sports cameras, digital compacts, iPhones (bonus mount included), iPods, Samsung Galaxy cell phones, and Android smartphones.

It has ‘quick extend’ release clips that make this pole reach 15 to 47 inches.

The pole should be sturdy to hold your camera or phone in place throughout.

You may want to mount your camera with a ¼ inch -20 tripod thread which is strong and will mount on all GoPro cameras.

The SANDMARC Pole – Float Edition is a Floating gopro stick and one of the most versatile telescoping poles on the market.


This SANDMARK pole has a uni-body design that contributes to its floating. The body is industrial grade lightweight of an airtight plastic material.


Consider a waterproof extension pole

This is an important consideration for all selfie sticks and GoPro poles, especially when diving or taking part in any water sport. The material used should be water resistant.

The GoRad Gear Waterproof Telescoping Extension Pole is a good choice.


It has a sturdy design that is waterproof meaning that you can use this extension pole when taking part in extreme water activities.

The construction material is hard anodized aluminium, and you can trust it.

Though it is a selfie stick, it comes with a GoPro-compatible tripod stand. It extends fast thanks to the twist technology (clockwise collapses and anticlockwise twists prolong the pole).

The Selfie World Professional 10-In-1 GoPro Monopod is also waterproof and easy to use too. It extends and locks in seconds.

The silicone rubber grip, water resistant pole construction material and the nylon bag it comes with make it the perfect outdoor photography essential.

Is the stick easy to use ?

You don’t want a selfie stick or a telescoping pole that will take up a long time to get it working.

Moments are fleeting, and if you cannot set up and snap within a few minutes, if not seconds, then you may as well skip buying it. When looking for a selfie stick, consider getting one that has a remote control or an automatic system for snapping photos.

The GoPole GPE-10 EVO 14-24” Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent) is our favorite product here, and the best gopro pole overall.

Yes, besides being able to float, it has a Wi-Fi remote clip making it easy for you to use the stick.

Have a look at this video from Gopole:

A selfie stick with a Bluetooth remote shutter such as the Wareway Extending Selfie Stick.

It is a telescopic self-portrait monopod with an adjustable phone holder for your Samsung or iPhone.


These are the selfie sticks that double as telescoping GoPro poles.

The GoPro 3-Way Grip, Arm, Tripod (Official accessory) is a 3-in-1 designed tripod pole for GoPro cameras with a grip, an arm, and a tripod.


Another good example is the above mentionned GoRad Gear Selfie Stick for GoPro Hero Cameras.

It is a lightweight selfie stick made of anodized aluminium and one with an aluminium tube telescoping pole that features a twist locking system.

It extends to between 17 and 40 inches. If you need to take professional or undisturbed shots or even record a video, then a selfie stick that offers more than one use is desirable.

Exactly how much length do you need?

It is important to consider the duration of the pole or the selfie stick especially if concerned with the portability or the range of the shot you need.

Woman skiing with a gopro extension pole
Image source: Flickr

Do you go for the long or the short selfie stick or telescoping pole? The best poles extend to 50 inches while others have a minimum height of 12 inches.


How long will your gopro pole last? Can you trust your phone or your GoPro camera on the GoPro pole?

You can tell more about the durability of the selfie stick or telescoping pole by checking the handle and the mount. The use of foam or rubber for handles makes the comfortable and stable.

For the structure, ensure that the pole or the selfie stick has a robust construction with materials like hard anodized aluminium.

Another indicator of durability is the threading of the tripod mount.

A ¼ inch mount with a 20-threaded insert is strong, and it will bear the brunt of the weather without complaining.

Best poles to shoot gopro while scuba diving

Can you use that selfie stick or the telescoping pole in the sea as you swim with the turtles?

What is the maximum depth allowed for the utilisation of that selfie stick under water?

GoPole GPE-10 Floating Extension Pole for GoPro Cameras (Transparent) works well in fresh and salt water withstanding the harsh conditions up to 200ft.

Check the material used in the construction to determine if you should buy it or not. Anodized aluminium is a good start.

There you have it – the primary guide to buying the best GoPro telescoping poles and selfie stick.

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