The best cheap gopro gimbals – affordable stabilization

Low-cost gopro camera gimbals

There are many reasons you might be on the lookout for a cheap Gopro gimbal.

Maybe you are on a budget? Maybe you are just starting out making videos for your extreme sports participation.

You don’t want to spend a fortune buying the equipment to take your video shooting to the next level?

Whatever your reason, we have you covered as we have all the best budget gopro Gimbals money can buy all in one helpful article!

Obviously, you don’t want to purchase a low-end Gimbal, only to find it only works once or twice, or something so flimsy that I falls apart in your hands.

That is where we come in, we have 6 of the best, affordable Gimbals that will enhance your video making skills without costing you an arm and a leg.


XSories X-Steady Electro Cube 1-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

The XSories X-Steady Cube Gimbal is a fantastic and inexpensive device that will help you create fantastic “jump free” videos for less than 100 bucks!



The Xsories 1 axis Gimbal requires and GoPro, Smartphone or a low to medium sized camera.

The rig has a suspension system that enimates any dodgy shaking action that occurs when you hold the camera manually.

It comes with one fast acting brushless motor, and a various range of mounts for you to choose to ensure you can connect the right equipment for you perfect shot!

It also has up to 8 hours of battery life once it’s fully charged up, depending on the device you are using to film.

The Xsories X-Steady Gimbal is a wonderful budget device.


Feiyu Tech FY-WG-LITE 1-Axis

The Feiyu Tech FY-WG-LITE wearable motorized Gimbal is yet another economical stabilizer that you can use for creating your perfect, free flowing videos, for less than $100!



With Feiyu technology, you can almost guarantee quality that will stand the test of time no matter how much the product costs.

Although the Feiyu Lite is a budget Gimble, you certainly cannot tell, as the device is really well made and robust.

The Gimbal is a 1 axis, wearable piece that is designed to connect with GoPro cameras Hero 3, 3+ and 4.

This bargain priced Gimbal is also wearable, so that you can attach it to your helmet or the handlebars of your cycle for maximum impact.

The Feiyu Tech FY-WG-LITE is most certainly a cost effective gimbal that oozes quality.

Wewow Sport X1 Gimbal

The WeWow Pro single axis stabilizer with an electronic anti-shake function helps you capture clear photos and stable videos at a cheap price.

You can wear it or place it almost anywhere you think fit, such as your bike, helmet or car.

The maximum opening distance is 7.5 cm and it well fits most action cameras and smartphones. Small sized and lightweight, comes with a carry on pouch with a clamp hook and a micro USB cable and a base mount that plugs in one side.

Main features

  • Single axis stabilizer with electronic anti-shake function
  • Smart chipset makes professional adjustment
  • Wearable, can be fixed on handgrip, helmet, bicycle, car
  • Compatible for various action cameras (with waterproof case) – GoPro Hero, Xiaomi Yi, SJCAM
  • Compatible for smartphones less than 5.5 inch


Additionally, one of the customers stated that it works excellent on one plane, either horizontal or vertical. Able to handle weight securely and the rechargeable battery lasts for 2-3 hours working time.

Despite being a cheap go-pro gimbal, the WeWow is made out of durable plastic, it can work under any circumstances (from 5% – 95% humidity/ -10 to +40 temperature), and it weights 190g.

If you are just starting out making videos for extreme sports and you don’t want to spend a fortune on the necessary equipment, then here is the right gimbal for you. It offers a more stable, multi visual angle, giving you unbelievable film effect.

Suitable accessories:

  • Selfie stick – great perspective view
  • GoPro headband
  • Chest strap
  • Flex clamp mount

Last but not least, with the latest Intelligent A.I. technology, you don’t have to worry about shaky shooting when doing sport, shaking hands, or other inconveniences when trying to get a stable footage at all times.

The Official ROXANT PRO

The OfficialRoxant Pro stabilizer is another low-cost gimbal designed to help you create professional looking, smooth scenes, whether you’re walking, running, skating or driving.

It is different from other mechanical handheld stabilizers due to its solid superior design and construction, that reduces fatigue for longer, more elegant shots. Great for indie film makers looking to move their films to the next level, on a budget.


  • Provides “pro style” stabilization with less motion and shake than other stabilizers provide
  • The custom lower arm “NO SLIP GRIP” material eliminates sway
  • For use with Point and Shoot, DSLRs, Video Cameras, GoPros, Smartphones, Canon, Nikon and any other camera up to 2.1 lbs
  • Comfort grip handle, 3 separate counter-weights for precise adjustments
  • Shoots smooth motion shots in tight spaces, on stairs, through crowds, in cars, on boats etc.
  • You receive Lifetime Support + Free Video Training Tutorials if you order from Roxant

Customer reviews

The product received 4.6 out of 5 starts on Amazon.

That made a lot of people interested in checking this stabilizer, especially for the variety of purposes you can use it for. It’s easy to assemble with just a couple of screws, and it’s entirely made of metal despite the low price, so it might be a bit heavy.

The design is very elegant and well thought to make the stabilizer comfortable to use while bringing stability and smoothness to your shootings.

Reviews say it’s indeed a simple device, although it takes a little practice and patience in order to make your movements fluid.

All in all, it’s an excellent cheap stabilizer that managed to surprise even a film student interested in making different documentaries, and a wedding films maker! The company is trustworthy as well, helpful and offers an affordable price.


Movo Photo VS01-SP Handheld Video Stabilizer System

The Movo Photo VS01-SP handheld video stabilizer is one of the cheapest stabilizers on the market for less than $50!



It comes with a the needed mounting hardware to connect it to your GoPro Hero 2 and 3 and most Smartphones.

The stabilizer is designed to stop the unwanted camera shaking you receive when filming with just your hands.

You can achieve professional looking results for panning, still shots or moving in and out on subjects, and more.

The low-end Movo Stabilizer is not motorized.

Instead, it works with counterweights added to the device that are adjustable for precise handling and a more customized performance.

We think it will improve your filming no end and above all, it’s a real bargain stabilizer!


 Steadicam CURVE-BK Video Stabilizer

The Steadicam Curve-BK Stabilizer is yet another quality device at a really affordable price.



We can see this selling for less than $50 at the moment.

That is a real bargain for this stabilizer. It is designed for GoPro Cameras Hero2, Hero3, Hero3+ & Hero4 Black.

With some practice, you will be shooting smooth, shake free footage just like the pro’s!

To say that it’s such a low costing stabilizer, it is made really well.

The frame is made from a durable aluminum material.

You can feel confident that the Curve can travel with you anywhere with you without breaking apart.

It is so compact that you could carry the stabilizer in your pockets!

As low costing camera stabilizers go, the Steadicam Curve is definitely one of the best on the market.


XSories X-Steady Lite

The Xsories X-Steady Lite is another budget stabilizer you can purchase for a really low price of less than 40 bucks!



It is compatible for all Smartphones and most GoPro cameras.

It can easily hold up to devices of 1lb.

This Gimbal comes with a Dual Counterweight syste.

We like the embedded bubble level that enables the perfect balance and fluid motion while shooting.

This reasonably priced camera stabilizer is also equipped with a form grip to ensure greater comfort when shooting.

We think the XSories X-Steady Lite “hold steady” stabilizer is a great bargain!


Fantaseal 3-Axis Inertia Gyro Stabilizer

The Fantaseal 3 axis Inertia Stabilizer is a cheap 3 axis gimbal.



It comes with a Built in little subtle mechanical 3-axis gyroscope for a silky-smooth shooting while you capture with yawing/pitching/rolling your attached camera.

The competitive Fantaseal Gyro Stabilizer is available for less than 50 dollars.

It is compatible with most Smartphones and GoPro cameras.

*Please note that the device cannot support smartphones over 5.5 inches.

I will easily help you film professionally smooth shots without the shaky movements.

It is designed to be really tough and durable as it is made from  high quality aluminum alloy metal.

We like the fact that this cheap gopro stabilizer can easily be placed in your pocket.

You can capture the unexpected moment very easily and like a pro!

Not many devices can help you improve your video quality almost 100% for less than $50.

So if you are on the lookout for a bargain, we would definitely advise you to take a look at the Fantaseal Inertia Gyro Stabilizer!


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