Eachshot Z1 Evolution Review : The best battery life?

This review is about the Eachshot Z1 Evolution Evo 3, an innovative and state of the art 3 axis stabilizing Gimbal for GoPro Hero4, XiaoMi Yi SJ4000, SJ5000 and other action cameras.


The Z1 Evolution is made of lightweight aluminium alloy material that provides a strong build quality.

Professional photographers and anyone interested in photography can produce some stunning pictures using small POV cameras fitted to that gimbal.

Since the POV cameras don’t have any in-body image stabilization features, the stabilizing gimbals are the perfect partner to your POV cameras.

About the Gimbal

We can say that the Z1 Evolution Evo3 is the successor to the Z1-pro and eachshot built it very similar, but it is enhanced with some nice little features that just adds to its appeal.

Even though both models are specifically designed for action cameras like Hero4, the Z1 Evolution Evo3 gimbal can be recalibrated to support smartphones that are similar in size, with the help of the software.

Aluminum alloy on the eachshot Z1 gimbal

The 3 brushless motors found in the gimbal help in providing a smooth rotation to the gimbal. The motors are as well completely noiseless, so the motor movement or most precisely, the noise from the motor moving is not picked up by the camera during recording.

You have complete control over the pitch, roll and the pan through manual and automated settings. Each motor has a maximum rotation angle of up to 330 degrees.

For video and audio output, a 3.5mm headphone jack is also provided.

Charging and batteries

Usually, the gimbals and cameras have to be recharged separately, but the Z1 Evolution can be charged along with the camera mounted on it, which turns into one of the greatest features ever offered especially for fans and professionals that subject their gear to prolonged shooting sessions.

Batteries on eachshot evolution gopro gimbal

Charging the Z1 Evolution Evo3 to a 100% is quick and one full charge can last you for up to 12 hours of continuous use. The quarter inch mounting screw that the gimbal comes with is a great little addition as well, as you can mount any kind of extension rods to the gimbal easily and quickly.

Integrated Camera Holder

The cleverly designed Z1 Evolution Evo3 includes an integrated camera holder that allows you to mount your camera and even a backpack without the need to screw or unscrew any of the parts.

Eachshot Z1 evolution bottom part and extension rod

The camera tray is extremely stable and has a very strong hold as well, so you do not need to worry about having an accidently dropped camera in the heat of an intense shooting action (as it has happened to me in the past with some rather poor quality gimbal stabilizer).

The intelligent design allows the quick mount and dismount of the camera, so you do not need to waste hours of figuring out which way each part goes.

Best Power Efficient Gimbal

The Z1 Evolution is one of the best power efficient gimbals available at the market today.

Some of the features that makes it stand way ahead of the competition in this regards, are the wrong polarity and reverse polarity protection it comes with, that help in guarding the gimbal from accidental reverse polarity of the circuits.

Video output jack on the eachshot Z1 stabilizer

I am only mentioning this, because we all know that reverse polarity can completely destroy your equipment.

In this sense, I also want to mention the protection against the battery discharging below its critical level, that the Z1 Evolution Evo3 comes with, which is another little nice addition as it helps keeping your battery from reducing its lifespan or get damaged quickly.

These kind of protections are the ones that make the Z1 one of the best power efficient gimbals.

Main features

● The power switch is located on the handle side.
● A quarter inch screw port at the bottom of the gimbal makes it easy to attach any kind of extension rods.
Protection against wrong polarity, over discharging and short circuiting makes this gimbal the best power efficient one in the market
● Cameras and backpack can be mounted on to the gimbal with ease, thanks to the smart camera holder integrated to the gimbal.
● Built using aluminium alloy material to make the gimbal lightweight, but with a strong built body
● Compact and easily portable.
● Supports both 18650 Lipo and 18350 Lipo batteries
● Maximum rotation angle of each of the motors is 330°.
● A 3.5 mm headphone jack provided for audio and video output
● Stepless rotational speed control
● Adjust the angle easily with the help of the four-way joystick

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the moment of writing this review, you could only find two reviews from customers for the Z1 Evolution Evo3.

Eachshot gimbal power switch

Both the reviewers seem to be pretty much happy and satisfied with the product and have given 5 stars each. Also, both of them reviewed that taking photos and videos with the gimbal is an amazing experience.

There were no disadvantages or cons reported yet for this product as of now on Amazon, which reveals the fact that the EachShot Z1 Evolution Evo 3 Axis Handheld Stabilizer Brushless Gimbal for action cameras is really an amazing product and customers love using this product and haven’t found any issues with this gimbal so far.

Wrapping it up : Should you buy it?

This is certainly an improved version from the Z1 Pro in terms of the smooth rotation, sturdy body and lightweight build.

The Eachshot 1 Evolution gimbal is one of the most powerful gimbals in the market that can help professional photographers and photo enthusiasts to create spectacular videos and photos with ease.

EACHSHOT Z1-EVOLUTION EVO 3 Axis gimbal and cleaning cloth

Installation setup is pretty much simple and you don’t have to sweat over the setting up as well, which many would really love.

Checkout this excellent comparison video, that youtube user Michael Jones did. You can see the results with and without the gimbal:

Easy to handle and responsive controls also makes the Z1 Evolution makes one of the leading gimbals in the market right now.

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