EVO GP 3-Axis Gimbal Review: Worth Your Money?

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The EVO GP Handheld Gimbal is one of the best selling Gopro Gimbals on Amazon, and there’s good reason for this, it’s awesome!

EVO GP 3 stabilizer

We have tried and reviewed the stabilizer to its fullest and really, it is that good.

It is one of the very few Handheld Gimbals that you can take out of the box and be ready to shoot with your Gopro camera!

It comes with 3 different modes that, depending on what you want to film, it will do the job effortlessly.

We partnered the Gimbal with the Hero4 Black for 4k videoing and the EVO GP blew our mind! It had exactly comparable results as when we reviewing a $10k crane!

Real life use

When using the EVO GP Gimbal, we decided to put it through a pretty severe test.

We took it out on a speedboat for a day and the results are what we are using for this review.

First of all, we had the Gimbal 4 feet outside the boat connected to an extension (very easy to connect) and went at fairly brisk pace.

Evo GP 3 Handheld gimbal closeup

The results were flawless! We tried it in all 3 modes: heading follow mode, heading and pitch follow mode and inverted and lock mode.

You can set these up by using the “mode and tilt” buttons on the handle of the Gimbal.

All 3 settings gave us “butterfly” motion go pro videos and worked flawlessly with its high definition positioning encoders coupled with the high torque triple wound motors.

The battery life was pretty good compared to some rival brands .

We managed to get around 3 hours and 20 mins of battery life out of it, and that was almost constant usage.

The batteries only took a few hours once they was flat to be fully charged up again.

hand held gimbal



  • The build of the Gimbal is sturdy and robust
  • No lagging. Movements of the Gimbal are incredibly quick, making the smoothness of the video near perfection.
  • Battery life is better that a lot of other Gimbals.
  • Ability to charge my gopro on the Gimbal.
  • The price


  • There can be some audio pollution coming from the device.
  • Movements will take some time to get use to.
  • We found it difficult to take the batteries out the the charger.


Overall review


Overall, the  EVO GP 3 Axis Handheld Gopro Gimbal, is one of the few Stabilizers where the software is already configured.

You literally take it out of the box and you a good to go.

We put the EVO GP Gimbal through some of the toughest tests imaginable.

EVO GP 3 Stabilizer

Not only did it pass the test, it passed our review with jaw dropping results, we are giving it 5 stars.

There isn’t many times when you are testing a Gimbal that nothing goes wrong. The EVO GP did exactly what we asked of it and more.

We would advise looking into this Gimbal if you are looking for something in mid to high range that oozes quality.

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  1. Jason Mcclean says

    The EVO GP is a wonderful device. I purchased this for my wife who is a keen photographer. We was going to our sons wedding and she wanted to take some quality videos of the special occasion so I did some research and opted for the EVO GP mainly because it didn’t need much (or as it turns out ) no configuration. Me and my wife are not very technical so I wanted to find something relatively easy to setup. The EVO GP didn’t disappoint, we was literally up and running after we added our HERO3 to it.

    The videos captured at the wedding made the day even more special, not to mention it worked as it was meant to throughout the day which relaxed the wife as she was already nervous she would mess it up. I would recommend this camera stabilizer to anyone – its fantastic!

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