Best 2 Axis Gimbals To Be Used for Phones 

Let us take a look at the best options when it comes to gimbals for phones.

Gimbals are conventionally used with huge video cameras and DSLR’s are also referred to as the ‘Steadicams’ now has found its way as a popular cell phone accessory as well. The flurry of smartphones and the incredible advancement in incorporating high-end camera features have made mobile phones a go-to choice for many. They are used to shoot live videos, make videos for their vlogs and blogs, and even take high definition photographs. However, having smartphones with good camera lenses and features is not enough! One requires proper tools and accessories to achieve the stabilization, get the right angles to have the quality content; be it a video or a still moment captured in pictures.


2 Axis Gimbal is the right accessory for aficionados looking to capture the videos, photos using their cell phones. The 2 axis gimbal is a simplification over 3 axis gimbal. The 3 axis gimbal can provide the right pitch which the cinematographer calls as Tilt, the vertical up and down motion. The gimbal also provides the right Yaw which is also called Pan in the common tongue. The Pan is nothing but the horizontal left and right motion. Thirdly, a gimbal can provide the right Roll which is the circular motion.


How do Gimbals operate?


A 3 axis gimbal will provide you all the three motion Follow and Control.

A Follow is a motion in which your camera or cell phone attached to the gimbal will follow the motion. If you till the gimbal the camera will tilt with it. If you change the angle the camera will follow the motion. The gimbal will maintain stability all along enabling you to take smooth shots even with all the changes and motion.

Again there is Control motion which would fix the camera position. No matter, how much disturbance or motion the camera will maintain the fixed position giving you excellent stability to capture your content. A 2 axis gimbal will give you stability but along Pan and Roll motion or in some along Tilt and Roll motion.


A gimbal has a gyroscope that acts as the brain of the gimbal. It helps in maintaining the axis, control, or follow the motion. Another important component of the gimbal includes extendable Joy Stick, rechargeable battery, mode buttons, and easy charging ports.


Features to Look Out for In Mobile Phones Gimbals 


Some of the key feature to be looked while making up your mind are highlighted below:

  • Build Quality – The build quality ensures the device lasts longs and you get the value for your money. As most of the utility of this device is in outdoor set-up, so having a solid build ensures robust performance without any unnecessary worry.


  • Portability – As the device is used with cell phones, you would expect a compact and lightweight design that is easy to carry. Carrying a bulkier complete 3 axis gimbal and a DSLR may not be preferred owing to the overhead of carrying the equipment and complexities in operating it. Nonetheless, you can get high definition quality content by these 2-axis portable devices.


  • Battery life – Look out for battery life and validate against your average shoot timing. You can get the battery life ranging from 5 to 8 hours depending upon the usage and model. Also, it may slightly vary with the model of the smartphone you use. Also, do check the charging time. Generally, the device is charged in a couple of hours


  • Inbuilt Technology – 2-axis gimbal will provide control for any two motions. It could be Roll & Tilt control or Roll & Yaw control. Check for the motion and control angle. This will give you an idea of what angles you can browse and explore which creating your videos.


  • Compatibility – Compatibility is the important attribute to consider while looking for the right gimbal device for you. If the gimbal however great is not compatible with your device, there is no point considering it. You would be simply spending your money without being able to use it properly. Again, there is quality 2-axis gimbal in the market which suits most types of smartphones.


  • Cost – A 2 axis gimbal is an affordable choice over 3 axis gimbal. So by sacrificing a bit on the control, the companies have tried to give you an affordable option. It still gives you the kind of videos and photos you need. Choose wisely!



Who Should Opt for 2 Axis gimbals? 


2-axis gimbal is a smart choice for anyone who uses their cellphones to shoot videos, pictures, etc. 2-axis gimbals are more compact and simpler to operate than a 3-axis one which is bulkier and have more functions and require some degree of experience in using the gimbals. On the other hand, a 2-axis gimbal can be used by all as it is simple to operate and use. Hence, a 2-axis gimbal is recommended for people shooting YouTube videos, content for their blogs, or even personal moments while playing sport or any adventure activities.


How much the quality will differ in a 2-axis gimbal compared with 3 Axis gimbal? 


There is no denying that a 3 axis gimbal provides you more control and all-around stabilization. But even with a 2-axis gimbal, the picture quality will be great. You can witness the smooth capture and enhanced quality straight away compared to one captured manually just by using your hands. A 2-axis gimbal provides great quality which without any hesitation or doubt can be utilized both for personal keep or to publish online in your social media platforms.


So, once we have the foundational understanding of a what a gimbal is and how a 2 axis gimbal provides you value for money along with exceptional stability for your mobile videos and photos, below 2-axis gimbals are among the best options available in the market.


Zhiyun Smooth X 2-Axis Gimbal:

Zhiyun Smooth X 2-Axis Gimbal:

Zhiyun smooth X is the answer for a great product with cutting edge features to capture high-quality videos in a compact easy to carry design. The Zhiyun is a highly compact and lightweight weight, less than 250 grams which is one of the key selling points for this cell phone gimbal. It is a 2-axis gimbal which means it can provide stability with roll motions and pan motions which still provides quite a convincing video of highest standards.


Specifications for Zhiyun smooth X

The specification of the Zhiyun smooth X (Amazon) is as below.


  • Portability – One of the lightweight option with a foldable design that takes minimal space and can be carried in your bag pack or pocket. The easy to fold design makes it very compact. The design and grip make it easier to hold the device and use it comfortably for long hours.


  • Compatibility – Zhiyun is compatible with all smartphones. It works well with both Android and iPhone. So, whichever model you have this 2-axis gimbal should work with your phone.


  • Extendable Arm – Another distinctive aspect of the Zhiyun 2-axis gimbal. It has the extendable joystick which can give you a selfie stick kind of feel. It is great to shoot solo videos while visiting a site or during a hike. The extendable Arm gives you a wider angle with effective stabilization making it possible to capture both you and the landscape around you. The extendable arm can extend up to 260mm. It gives this device multiple functions – take live videos or use as a selfie stick


  • Battery life – The device has good battery life. It can give you a battery time of 8 to 10 hours. The time may vary from the kind of usage and also on the cell phone users.


  • In-built modes – The Zhiyun has a landscape and portrait mode. This gives you more creative liberty and control over how you want to capture your video. It is fast to switch and the quality is never compromised whichever mode we may choose. The Zhiyun has a unique rotatable motor. This enables you to hold the phone at a different angle giving you the flexibility to choose your desired shot. Coupled with extendable Arm and control to hold the device at any angle without losing the stability makes video quality smooth and great.


  • Zhiyun Mobile App – Zhiyun has a special crafted mobile app to support further quality video with ready to use inbuilt – templates, time-lapse, or slow Mo. The Zhiyun gimbal also has smart features like smart focus which is quite useful for people trying to take live videos. You can simply aim and let the gimbal then follow the subject. It also has gesture control which gives you hands-free control.


  • Build Quality and Cost – The build quality is good and safe to hold your smartphones. Cost is one of the deal-breakers when one is looking for a mobile accessory. Here, however, you would have all the said features at an astonishing price. With the great build and advanced features, this is easily a top choice for 2-axis gimbal.


The Zhiyun 2-axis is simple to operate. It has in-built Bluetooth, fast to connect and to keep things user-centric and user friendly it has only 3 buttons to fully control the device. You also have full control of the native camera. It also comes with a tripod that allows the gimbal to place and shoot. Overall a great choice!


Neewer NW-2AG200 Gimbal 2-Axis Gimbal

Neewer NW-2AG200 Gimbal 2-Axis Gimbal

Neewer NW-2AG200 is a great pick with the essentials to provide you quality in your videos and photos at great affordable pricing. As it is always a case of a trade-off between 3-axis all-around coverage vs 2-axis which can only provide motion stabilization for 2-axis, within its own limitation Neewer 2-axis gimbal does a great job. With great quality, easy operation and smart design Neewer NW-2AG200 competes for one of the best 2-axis gimbal.


Specifications for Neewer NW-2AG200

The specification of the Neewer NW-2AG200 is as below.


  • Portability – The Neewer NW-2AG200 is a lightweight model in an extremely compact design. The ergonomics are well suited to fit in your hand and even hold it for a longer duration of time. The lightweight of just under 350 grams makes it further easier to aim, shoot, and make videos. The model has a foldable design which makes it easier to carry around.


  • Compatibility – This 2-axis gimbal is compatible with both Androids and iPhones. All the models should work fine with this gimbal, however, the screen size should be 5.5 inches or less.


  • Inbuilt tech – It provides tilt and Roll motion stabilization. Also, it is designed to work for horizontal landscape mode. It gives you options to adjust the tilt and roll angle. This gives you several browsing angles to capture your video


      • The Pitch axis angle ranges from +175 to -175 degrees.
      • The horizontal axis angle ranges from +55 to -55 degrees.
      • The pitch axis control angle ranges from +45 to -45 degrees.

These different follow and motion angels provide you the view of how best you can utilize the stabilization feature while creating your awesome videos.


  • Battery Life – It has a good battery life. Using a 1000 mAh Li-Po battery it can provide 5 hours of battery life in a single charge. It is good for your everyday use. You can charge it overnight and use it during your day hike and visits. It takes around 2-3 hours for the battery to fully charge.


  • Build quality & Cost – The built quality is PC engineering plastic which contributes to the unit being lightweight and also sturdy for long time usage. The cost is affordable. It scores high in value for money and the price range it falls under it is a steal for the money.


  • Performance – You can expect professional high-quality video content to be captured with these great portable gimbals. It is perfect for someone who likes to travel or regularly create videos.


Overall looking at the specifications, the Neewer NW-2AG200 seems like a great deal for people looking for cost-efficient choice for professionals like videography with your cell phone. It keeps the convenience alive and is easy to set-up to connect, point, and shoot.

Also, check out this post for some other exciting options.


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