Best Gimbals to mount on a helmet [2019 Update]

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There are many reasons why you would want to mount a GoPro gimbal on your helmet.

The most obvious reason is that it is the best place to capture any POV camera action, as it is the highest point of the body and almost exactly in sync in the direction you are looking

Another great reason why you would want to attach a gimbal on your helmet would be if you are actively performing in a sport, such as, bike riding, rock climbing or kayaking, as your hands are active and you have no way of holding onto your GoPro safely, without the risk it being damaged or even lost.

There are several wearable gimbals, but it takes a special type to be wore on your helmet, as some can be quite big and heavy, making it virtually impossible to film the action of any great length of time.

We have looked into the best ones and added a short review on them below.


Zhiyun Rider-M Wearable 3 Axis Gopro Gimbal


The Rider M wearable gimbal is extremely lightweight and ideal for mounting on your helmet.



With its 360 degree filming options, this wonderful wearable gimbal will capture all your footage without any blemishes.

It is so lightweight, you will even forgot that you have it hooked up to your helmet, which is fantastic for the longer activities you want to capture.

The Zhiyun rider M, is also equipped with a remote control, such you need to switch between modes spontaneously.


  • Pitch Axis –  -185°~+130°(Vertical)
  • Roll Axis –  -40°~+40°
  • Translation Pan Axis –  -320°~+320°(Vertical)
  • Translation Pan Axis – -45°~+45°(Horizontal)


  • Following Mode
  • Locking Mode
  • Pitch Following Mode
  • Turn Back Mode

The Zhiyan Rider – M is fantastic, no matter what you would like to film or connect the gimbal to, you will receive, smooth, professional imagery.

The battery life is really good, standing at almost 5 hours of constant shooting and as it is so lightweight, you don’t need to have neck muscles the size of weight-lifter to carry it around on your helmet of hours on end. The price is a bit high, but for what you actually get with the gimbal, we think the price is ok.

We would suggest you look into this great wearable gimbal if you are looking for silky smooth, mountain bike, cross or any footage from your helmet!


Cinetree Z1-rider 3-axis Portable Gimbal

The Cinetree Z1 3 Axis Gimbal separates from the main chassis and batteries allowing the extremely lightweight gimbal to connect to any standard GoPro mount (helmet, bike, chest harness, suction cup, etc).


The Cinetree Z1 Rider can also be fully adjusted so that you have total control of all modes that include the  tilt motion from really low and high shots.

There are 3 modes to choose from, these include – Pan and Tilt Follow, Pan and Follow Only (no tilt), and finally  no pan and No Tilt, both locked off.

The motors are really durable and robust. Strong enough to give you peace of mind the gimbal is safe, even in the strongest winds when you are driving a motorcycle or any other fast moving vehicle.

The gimbal will give you beautiful, smooth and clear videos, with no unwanted jerks. We think the Cinetree Z1 Rider is definitely one of the better gimbals for connecting to your helmet.

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