Best Gimbals For GoPro Hero 6

Hand holding a gopro hero 6 action camera mounted on a 3 axis gimbalShooting video with your GoPro Hero 6 is a great way to capture your adventures.

At least, that’s the goal.

If you’re serious about your GoPro videography and want your footage to have the ultra smooth, professional look, you must invest in a gimbal.

Without a gimbal, your videos will just look shaky and amateur-like.

But not all gimbals are worth owning! Some of them are pretty awful. Plus, not every gimbal will work the GoPro Hero 6.

In this post, we list 6 stabilizers that do the job well and will give you that smooth, pro-quality footage you want.



EVO GP PRO next to the official gopro packaging for the hero 6 camera

Nothing is more of a buzzkill during a long day of shooting with your GoPro Hero 6 than running out of battery life.

The EVO GP-PRO not only offers a decent battery life for itself but it also lets you extend the battery life of your action camera. It features a built-in charging cable to extend your Hero 6’s battery life.

Stabilization review

This gimbal is capable of getting pro-quality footage.

It has high-torque motors, three CoreMark MCUs, and an impressive algorithm that result in the fastest stabilization you’ll find. With a refresh rate of 4kHz, you’ll see nearly instantaneous reaction times and incredibly smooth shots.

It offers stabilization accuracy of ±0.01° and follow accuracy of ±0.2°.

Ease of use & setup with the hero6

This is another gimbal that is quite user-friendly. You can always adjust your camera’s tilt, pan and roll angles on the fly, using the 4-way joystick on the handle. Pressing into the joystick lets you navigate between modes.

The three modes available are the Pan Follow mode, where the Tilt & Roll axis are locked and the Pan axis rotates smoothly with your wrist motion; the Lock mode, where all three axes are locked and you control the camera using the joystick as desired; and the Full Follow mode, where the Roll axis is locked and the Pan and Tilt axis smoothly follow the handle movement.

For those low-to-the-ground shots, an inverted mode is available. You can mount the GoPro in an upside-down position or put the gimbal into Full Follow mode and then flip it until the handle is inverted.

Ultimately, this EVO gimbal offers some of the best stabilization you’ll find for use with a Hero 6. That said, it does come with a few downsides. The biggest of these is that it isn’t splash-proof.

That means it’s not a good fit if you’re looking for a good tool to use when recording winter sports or water sports. The other downsides are the high-end price point and the fact that it doesn’t come with any kind of carrying bag or case.


  • excellent stabilization
  • sturdy construction
  • easy to use
  • 1-year warranty
  • an extension pole is available


  • not splash-proof
  • no case is included
  • expensive

Verdict: The EVO GP-PRO offers excellent stabilization for your GoPro Hero 6 with lightning quick response and high accuracy. The biggest negatives are that it isn’t splash-proof and it’s on the expensive side.

Feiyu Tech G5 V2

Feiyu tech g5 V2 stabilizer and accessories


The GoPro Hero 6 is arguably the best action camera on the market.

To get the most out of this camera, you need a gimbal that is a good match. The Feiyu G5 V2, a significantly improved version of the original G5, is a gimbal that is well-suited to the Hero 6. It has a very sturdy body.

The unibody motor arm will provide solid and steady support to even those fast-paced high-adrenaline adventures. It designed for industry-leading anti-shake performance.

One thing that really makes this gimbal stand out is that it is splash-proof.

That makes it the rare gimbal that you can use with your GoPro for watersport footage or for shooting during rain or snow.

You know your GoPro can handle the water but now with the Feiyu G5 V2, you can get stabilized footage as well, no matter the conditions.

Using the Feiyu G5V2 with a Hero 6

The operation is pretty simple with the V2. There is a 4-way joystick to control the gimbal’s movement.

A simple function button lets you easily move between modes. The main modes are the panning follow and locking modes. There is also the all-follow mode, where the rolling direction is fixed and the camera follows the hand movement of the operator.

There is a self-timer button that lets you set up portrait shots and videos, a unique feature you don’t find on most gimbals.

There is an app that is available for both iOS and Android that lets you configure the gimbal, adjust settings, update the gimbal’s firmware, and even control the gimbal via Bluetooth.

Unlike most gimbals, setting up your camera is super painless. There is no balancing required, thanks to some unique counterweights.

Stabilization Review

How does the gimbal achieve its impeccable stabilization?

It is equipped with high-accuracy, brushless, low power consumption motors. Combined with a revised algorithm and a new high-performance chip, the result is an efficient device that creates incredibly smooth and stable footage. You get 360° of rotation in the pan and tilt axes and 245° for the roll axis.

Here is some test footage:

There are many great things to do with the G5 V2 and your GoPro Hero 6 but one them should be the timelapse mode.

The timelapse function, combined with the automatic rotating function can help you create a stunning motion timelapse video.

The camera-gimbal combo may well be all you need for your videography efforts, but the V2 does have 1/4 screw ports on both the side and bottom of the handle. This gives you options for adding accessories and for mounting on a tripod, slider, or another tool.

You can expect about 8 hours of battery life with the V2. The gimbal folds up nicely and will fit in the included soft carrying case.

One thing to note about this gimbal is that some users do complain about some motor noise. One Amazon review says that it “does a great job at stabilizing” but that there is some motor noise heard on the recorded footage.


  • splash-proof
  • counterweight system means no balancing needed
  • easy operation
  • self-timer and timelapse modes
  • added functionality through app
  • solid construction


  • written instructions could be a lot better
  • some possibility of minor motor noise

Verdict: For the GoPro Hero 6, the Feiyu G5 V2 gimbal is a great option. It’s solidly built, easy to use, offers great functionality, and it is fully splash-proof.


GoPro Karma Grip

Karma grip and gopro gimbal on a white table

The best gimbal for a GoPro Hero-6 might just be the gimbal made by the company that makes the camera.

That was definitely true for some past models of GoPro and it does still hold true that GoPro’s Karma Grip gimbal is a good option for the Hero 6.

The most obvious benefit is that you know that this official GoPro accessory will seamlessly integrate with the camera. Its status as an official GoPro product, unfortunately, means that it’s on the pricey side.

It shouldn’t really matter what your gimbal looks like but this is a really sleek and great-looking accessory. What really matters when it comes to looks, though, is your actual video footage.

Stabilization review

Rest assured, that will look equally great. In fact, the Karma Grip arguably offers the best stabilization capability of any gimbal on this list.

The Karma Grip can be used as a handheld or a wearable using the included Hero 6 harness. It can also be easily attached to the sold separately GoPro Seeker Backpack.

Another cool optional feature is the ability to use the sold separately Karma Grip Extension Cable. This lets you wear the grip and stabilizer separately, offering you better comfort and control.

To use the Karma Grip with your GoPro 6, you will need to get the firmware update using GoPro Quik for desktop. This isn’t difficult and will ensure that the camera and gimbal will work together without any difficulties.

In addition to price, the biggest negatives to this gimbal are the poor battery life and the lack of any degree of waterproofing.

For an official GoPro product, it’s surprising that this gimbal isn’t at least splash-proof. Hopefully, the next iteration of this product will be splash-proof. For now, it’s not a good choice for you if you are often shooting in wet conditions. Another potential negative with the Karma Grip is audio issues caused by motor noises.


  • amazing integration with GoPro Hero products
  • attractive design, solid build quality
  • superior stabilization
  • either handheld or wearable
  • easy operation


  • expensive
  • poor battery life
  • potential audio issues
  • not splash-proof

Verdict: The Karma Grip offers the very best stabilization and works well with all GoPro products and accessories but it comes with a few significant negatives, including poor battery life, potential sound quality issues, and a lack of waterproofing.



This model of EVO gimbal has some great features and excellent functionality but it’s not necessarily the very best fit for a Hero 6. It has one standard mount and, unfortunately, the Hero 6 only just barely fits in it.

It is an extremely tight fit and it takes a bit of effort to get the camera inserted into the gimbal. That said, it does fit just barely so it’s still a reasonable option.

Extra features

One nice feature of the SS is that you are able to charge your GoPro from the gimbal.

The mounting tray also has room to use an external battery pack as well. Speaking of extras, there is also a 3.5mm AV audio/video output port for an external monitor as well as a standard 1/4″ female thread on the bottom of the gimbal.

You can use this bottom thread to attach the included telescoping extension pole or you can attach to a tripod or any other kind of mount.

A unique feature of the SS is that you are able to manually set the tilt angle of the camera without the need of a remote.

Another new feature on the SS is the “turn back” mode, where it rotates the camera backward 180-degrees for capturing footage behind you. Other standard modes include the pan follow mode, pan lock mode, pan/pitch follow mode, and inverted mode.

This gimbal is able to connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone app or a wireless remote. For those looking for some peace of mind for this rather expensive investment, the SS comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • excellent stabilization
  • 1-year warranty
  • several valuable modes
  • can charge GoPro from gimbal
  • telescoping pole is included


  • not necessarily an ideal fit for the Hero 6
  • some potential audio issues

Verdict: The EVO SS definitely has some nice features and stabilizes very well but it’s not the best fit for the GoPro Hero 6. It can work with the 6, but other gimbals are an easier match.

Removu S1

Removu s1 on green grass

Something that makes the Removu S1 really stand out is the detachable wireless joystick remote control.

The 5-way joystick on the remote lets you wirelessly control the gimbal. You can change the mode or manually adjust the angle of your GoPro. This gives some you great creative control and lets you get some fantastic footage.

Removing the handgrip control also means that you can simply attach the S1 body to anywhere you’d normally be able to attach a GoPro. This makes it one of only a few GoPro gimbals that are fully wearable.

Water Resistant

Another thing that makes the S1 stand out is that it’s designed to be water resistant. It’s not waterproof so it can’t be submerged in water but it can definitely handle rain and snow or other wet conditions.

For an action camera gimbal, this seems like it should be a no-brainer but the S1 is one of very few gimbals that offer this.

You’ll get smooth and stabilized footage with this gimbal. It has brushless DC motors and rotary sensors ensure that the stabilization is top-notch. It eliminates vibrations and that annoying shaking quality you’ll get with so many action-based activities.

Watching footage of snowboarding, for example, without the jarring shakes you’ll get with GoPro alone is revolutionary.

One potential negative is that there may be some unwanted noise on your footage. That is because the Hero 6 is waterproof which means that it amplifies sound. Setting your GoPro to ‘Wind Only’ mode will eliminate this annoying problem.

Stabilization modes

The S1 has three simple modes and these three are really all you’ll need.

The modes are pan mode, follow mode, and lock mode. You’ll always be able to manually control the angle of your camera using the S1’s joystick controller as well.


  • water resistant
  • excellent stabilization
  • handheld or wearable
  • removable wireless remote control
  • long battery life


  • expensive
  • some potential audio issues
  • there have been some past problems with firmware updates

Verdict: The Removu S1 stands out for being water resistant and letting you separate the control handle and the body, giving you both a wireless joystick remote and the option to make the gimbal work as a wearable.

Hohem HG5

The Hohem HG5 is the cheapest gimbal for a GoPro Hero 6 that is worth looking at. Solidly constructed from aluminum alloy, this is a durable product despite its relatively low cost.

This is yet another gimbal that lets you extend the battery life of your GoPro Hero 6 by letting you charge the camera with the built-in charging Micro USB port.

Ease of use

Operation is simple with the 5-way joystick and multi-function button.

An optional smartphone app gives you additional control and can act as a wireless remote. There are three modes: panning mode, panning and pitching mode, lock mode. You get 360-degrees precision on all three axes.

Looks should be your least important consideration when shopping for a gimbal but it’s worth pointing out that the HG5 is available in both a standard black and a shiny orange that is really more of a copper shade.

This looks nice but it also helps you spot the gimbal which can be helpful.


  • relatively low cost
  • solid construction
  • helpful smartphone app
  • can charge your GoPro from the gimbal
  • full 360-degree control on all three axes
  • decent stabilization


  • no waterproofing
  • no warranty
  • not as much social proof

Verdict: The Hohem HG5 gimbal isn’t perfect but it works with the Hero 6 and it offers the lowest price. If you don’t have a ton to spend and you don’t necessarily need the best of the best, the Hohem HG5 might be the gimbal for you.

Hero 6 3-Axis Stabilization: Buyer’s Guide & FAQ

When shopping for a gimbal for your GoPro Hero 6, you need to consider a number of factors.

The most important of these are the available modes and overall functionality, whether or not there is any waterproofing and the price. For those who need some peace of mind, whether or not the gimbal has a warranty is also worth noting.

Gimbal Prices – What is the Price Range?

You’ll see a pretty wide range for prices for gimbals.

Since gimbals are available for everything from smartphones to action cameras to DSLRs, you’ll see a range of prices from $50-1000+. For action cameras, the average gimbal price range is generally in the $200-400 range.

Like with any product, you can expect those at the higher end of this price range to offer better performance or additional features. That said, many products at the lower end also offer quite a bit of value.

No gimbals made this list without offering definite value.

What is the best Budget Hero 6 stabilizer?

The cheapest option on this list is the Hohem HG5 but the Feiyu G5 V2 is right behind it.

Both of these budget models have a lot to offer, despite their comparatively low price tags. The splash-proofing Feiyu may be particularly appealing many.

Are they waterproof? Splashproof?

The majority of gimbals are not waterproof. In fact, there are no gimbals compatible with the GoPro Hero 6 that are fully waterproof, meaning they can safely be submerged in water.

Most gimbals aren’t even splash-proof, meaning they are safe to use around water and it’s okay if they get wet. The only gimbals on this list that are splashproof are the Feiyu G5 V2 and the Removu S1.

Since so many people are recording their winter sports and watersports adventures using action cameras, it’s really surprising that more gimbals aren’t offering any degree of waterproofing yet.

Hopefully, other brands will follow Feiyu’s lead and release their next models with at least some degree of waterproofing. For now, either the Feiyu G5 V2 or the Removu S1 is your best bet if you typically record in wet conditions.

Have you ever used a gimbal on your GoPro Hero 6?

Combining the amazing functionality of the Hero 6 with a great gimbal can give you incredible footage, with smooth and stabilized cinematic quality.

These gimbals will all get the job done. Do you have any questions about gimbals and the Hero 6? Let us know in the comments and we’ll try to help!

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