Best gopro gimbals for motorcycle [2019 Update]

When you are looking to shot your GoPro footage from a motorcycle, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

The most important is the fact you would have any hands to hold onto the gimbal, therefore, your only real option is to connect the gimbal to either your helmet or directly on the bike.

There are a few great gimbals on the market that are designed for exactly this.

Wearable gimbals are normally smaller than the more conventional types, allowing you to either connect the gimbal to something, without it being heavy and cumbersome. Most wearable gimbals are in fact that small, you will forget it is actually there.

Wearable gimbals are designed for POV action, and are normally connected to either your helmet or handlebars of your motorcycle, but of course not limited to just these places. Below we have reviewed the best ones current on the market that are great of filming beautiful, smooth while you are riding your bike.


Zhiyun Rider-M 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for GoPro



The Zhiyun Rider-M wearable gimbal is one of the most versatile mini gimbals available on the current markets for GoPro Hero cameras.

As the power battery and the boards are located away from the gimbal itself, therefore, you can hide away the battery in a pocket or backpack, taking extra weight away from the gimbal and it is connected using any standard GoPro Mount.



The motors on the Rider-M Gimbal are extremely strong.

Strong enough to withstand the high speed winds when you are out riding and the gimbal is connected to your motorcycle helmet. The Z1 Rider Gimbal can be adjusted so you have full control of the 3 modes that include Pan and Tilt Follow, Pan Follow Only (no tilting), or No Pan and No Tilt that is locked off.

Zhiyun’s Rider-M is a great gimbal at a great price, a good choice to stabilize your motorcycle videos.


Feiyu FY-WG 3-axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer for Gopro Hero 3 3+ 4 LCD Touch

The Feiyu Tech FY-WG GoPro action wearable gimbal is one of the most compatible models out there.
Feiyu Tech FY-WG Helmet mount

You can attach most GoPro’s as well as other similar sized cameras to the gimbal. The Feiyu FY-WG also has a single button to operate and change the modes.

You will never miss a shot when trying to figure out the menu screen, a simple click and you are ready!


Camera Compatibility – Maximum Height: 1.72″ / 43.6 mm
Maximum Thickness: 1.25″ / 31.7 mm
Weight: 5.3 oz / 150 g
Tilting Range – 320°
Pan Range – 320°
Roll Range – 100°
Tilt Following Rate – 2°: to 75°/S
Panning Following Rate – 3° to 150°/S
Static Attitude Tracking Accuracy – 0.01 to 0.05° (working voltage)
Motion Attitude Tracking Accuracy – 0.1 to 0.5° (motor overload <2G)
Power – 2 x 16340 type, 650 mAh batteries
Battery Runtime – 3 to 4 hours
Working Voltage – 6 to 9 VDC
Overload Current Protection – 800 mA
Weight – 6.6 oz / 188 g (without batteries or camera)


Another fantastic attribute on this gimbal are all the modes have a detection system that auto-corrects itself, ensuring you always have the best camera angle and view.

Feiyu Tech FY-WG Gimbal

The FY-WG wearable gimbal can be mounted on an array of different items and is extremely light-weight. The device is extremely efficient, sometimes lasting over 4 hours of constant usage. Overall, it is one of the best attachable gimbals out there. Read our full review for more details



Pilotfly FunnyGO 2 3-Axis Handheld and Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer


Capture stabilized POV action footage from your motorcycle with the FunnyGO 2 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer created by the great Pilotfly.

It is compatible with the following GoPro’s HERO4, HERO3+, HERO3, and also similarly sized action cameras.

The FunnyGO 2 gimbal has motorized stabilization, delivering beautiful camera footage, helped the the 3 mode settings that include the pan, tilt, and roll axes that help to create smooth, silky  action footage. You will need to invest in a standard GoPro mounting structure to allow the Pilotfly gimbal to be attached to the handle for handheld use, or mounted directly to either your bike or your helmet, letting you use the 3-axis stabilization in your POV motorcycle action camera footage.



Tilt Angle – 220° (top) to 100° (down)
Pan Angle – 330°
Roll Angle – 45° (left) to 87° (right)
Precision – ±0.01° (minimum), ±0.04° (maximum)
Mounting Thread – 1/4″-20
Battery – 3 x 18350 (unprotected) 3.7 V, 900mAh lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
Battery Life – Usage time 8 hours
Voltage Range – 10 to 13 V, standard voltage 12V, 0.11 to 0.8 A
Operating System Support – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Android app (for setup and configuration)
Dimensions – 12.2 x 3.4 x 3.1″ (309 x 86 x 79 mm)
Weight – 12.7 oz (360 g)


Overall, the Pilotfly FunnyGo 2 3 axis wearable gimbal is a fantastic device.

It helps you film beautiful, smooth images, POV or handheld. The battery life is an incredible 8 hours, allowing almost constant filming on long bike rides.

The price is really reasonable for the quality the gimbal brings to the table. If you have motorcycle and you are looking to connect a strong, study gimbal, you won’t go far wrong with the Pilotfly!

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  1. William plevney says

    I have tried both the Z rider M and FY WG. I had issues with both in the area of extreme vibration when at high speeds. The Z rider would on occasion oscillate for no reason, but both would vibrate extremely bad at speeds above 140, the FY WG would turn sideways at the speeds above 130. Both were mounted on the gas tank of a ZX10R

    1. topgimbals says

      Did you try to mount it on your helmet? This would be the most stable mount on a bike, chest mount is also good for a better point of view.
      It will be hard to completely remove all vibrations with it mounted on the gas tank

  2. mosci says

    three or two axis are simply to much on a motorcycle
    one axis is what you need 😉

    1. topgimbals says

      Hi, 1 Axis may be enough for most bikers indeed, but you can still further reduce vibrations and shaking with a 3 Axis gimbal. Great diy projects on your website by the way!

      1. Cali. says

        This is true i bought a 1 axis and the video was all over the place but when i put it on my helmet it helped alot overall i wasted my money on the 1axis.

  3. umberto says

    FY WG suffers the high speed! It’s almost impossible to have a complete good video on a track. The camera faces the ground or the sky after couple minutes. I can’t solve the problem, it is mounted on the tank or on the tail and I cannot mount it on the helmet because it bothers me during the race.
    Gimbal is always charged and works perfectly on the bicycle.
    On the motorbike you simply cannot trust it.
    Anyone had the same problem?

    1. William says

      I have had the same problem, with all three of there systems….1,2 and 3 axis gumball systems. No fix to this problem.

  4. Tony says

    What is the difference in the Rider-M and Rider-2 units please?


  5. Joe says

    Hey Guys,

    Is the FY WG capable of working in the 70mph speed range in open air ?

    I am looking at it for RC Aircraft and it would see 40-50mph normally with some aircraft getting into the 70’s. These are large RC planes where we aerotow sailplanes to altitude or fly warbirds in groups. The sailplanes are 12-15ft wingspans and the warbirds are 6-7ft wingspans and about 20lbs. Depending on the plane they are powered by 50cc up or glider tugs can get up to 100cc engines.

    The FG WY/GoPro would be in the open air fully exposed. I wonder how it would respond to a loop or roll??

    Thanks for any input.

  6. Maurice Nicholls says

    I am looking at purchasing a gimbal mount for my Hero 5 GoPro. The issue with mounting on your helmet or body is that this is not permitted for motorcycle track days or racing. They have to be solidly mounted on the bike, ie front or back fairings or fixed to the frame if possible. Looking at previous comments that would not be practical due to the wind resistance at 170+ mph overpowering the mount motors. Are there other systems available?

  7. Maurice Nicholls says

    PS, Cameras are not allowed on the fuel tank either!!

  8. charles says

    Hey, great article, i was wondering if anyone had an input on which of these would be most durable and seems the most well built, i do a lot of adventure/off-road riding and won’t be seeing speeds anywhere near most of you but i will be hitting bigger bumps and tougher conditions, any input?


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