Best gimbals for Panasonic Lumix GH4

When you are looking for a great gimbal to fit the Panasonic GH4 mirorless camera, you are looking for, not only something that will transform your filming, but a gimbal that doesn’t need to hold a massive load due to the small, lightweight, Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4.

More often than not, gimbals that need to hold a bigger payload cost a lot more, and that would be an unnecessary extra cost.

The smaller, lighter designed dslr gimbals are not only cheaper than the heavier types, but as they are much lighter, they are much easier to carry, allowing you to capture beautiful images for longer, as the heavier gimbals take their toll on your arms and shoulders, limiting shooting time.

Here below are our best gimbals for the Panasonic GH4:


Foxtech Summer Handheld Gimbal for Sony A7S and Panasonic GH4

Foxtech gimbal holding a panasonic GH4


The Foxtech Summer gimbal is one one the best, lightweight gimbals currently on the market that supports the Panasonic GH4.

The setup entails you balancing the camera on the gimbal (literally 5 mins of work) and you a ready to go.

The Foxtech Summer is really easy to operate, enabling you to capture stable, smooth footage, which much effort. Made from Aluminium and Carbon Fiber, you can be sure the gimbal won’t falter in testing conditions.  A great buy if you are serious about filming professionally from your DMC-GH4!


Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Stabilizer Handheld Gimbal



Another fantastic gimbal for the Panasonic GH4 is the Zhiyun Crane 3 axis gimbal. You can see it above setup with the Sony A7, a similar sized mirorless camera.

It has a built-in slip rings, giving the gimbal 360 degree rotation from all 3 axis.

The gimbal can detect 0.02 degree changes with the magnetic encoders that are connected to each motor. The battery life on the gimbal is a fantastic 12 hours if you use the 26650 batteries.

The camera mounting is really fast and efficient, or as we say “headache free” and the frame is made out of really tough Aluminum. Another great feature the the remote control. It allows you to easily switch between modes, literally within a few seconds, great if you need to switch while you are in operation.

If you are looking to serious imagery with your GH4, we advise in looking into the Zhiyan Crane.

There are many different modes and setting to keep in mind when you are looking into a gimbal for the the GH4, these include:

  • Dolly maneuver  — Move the camera close or further away from the subject point.
  • Truck — Move the camera left and right across the subject.
  • Pedestal movement— Raise or lower your camera in relation to the subject. You can also move the camera diagonally by tilting the tripod head that the slider device is mounted on.
  • Walking and Running — Move openly and freely around the area.
  • Follow — Follow a moving target.
  • Dynamic — The camera can be moved and operated from virtually any direction (low to high, side to side, tilted up and down).
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