Pilotfly 000006 FunnyGO2 Review :Handheld and Wearable

This post is a review of the Pilotfly 000006 FunnyGO2, a Gimbal for Gopro Hero and similar action cameras.

Funnygo2 gimbal with a natural background

Are you looking to increase the performance of your GoPro camera photo shooting and recording? Pilotfly’s FunnyGo2 Handheld and Wearable stabilizer may be a great solution for you.

About the Gimbal

This PilotFly Gopro Gimbal is manufactured with a goal in mind; to provide you most stable, precise and silent camerawork experiences.

A new era of professional shooting for gopro and action camera amateurs is here.

You do not need to possess a great recording experience to create professional looking videos with the Pilotfly FunnyGO2.

Piltfly 000006 Gimbal in different angles

All you need is the GoPro gimbal along with all the accessories that will make your life simpler and your shooting time more productive.

What is awesome about this product is the fact that it is designed to provide you with the most reliable quality shooting; FunnyGO2 has been constructed with an easy-to-use mode button, and a 4-way joystick.

This handheld stabilization gimbal is built with the most advanced and latest technology that can give you the best video and photo shooting experiences.

Our FunnyGO2 GoPro Gimbal review is here to show you how this product works, what are its best features and a few little niggles that buyers have spotted when they made an investment into the device.

We like to keep our reviews balanced so that you are as informed as possible before taking the plunge to buy.

Stabilization Performance on 3-Axis

The main feature of this product is the good video stabilization it offers.

Two integrated IMU sensors along with Triple-MCUs technology integrated help deliver a precise shooting experience.

Pilotfly Funnygo2 in wearable mode

PilotFly has been offering their products for several years now, and the 000006 FunnyGO2 gimbal is one of the latest to be rolled out.

The gimbal supports all GoPro hero products. It is priced a little above the usual price range of these types of products (check the latest price here)
Product dimensions are 12.9 x 3.5 x 4.3 inches, and it weighs 2.5 pounds.

This lightweight piece of kit is suitable for both kids and adults.

Integrated Gopro Camera Charging

An advanced upgrade on the gimbal, compared to other gimbals is its battery life. It uses three Lithium Polymer batteries, and the gimbal handle charges the GoPro camera as an addition and can last well over 8 hours when we took it out of a test spin.

For filmmakers looking to get a great looking accessory that will extend the battery lifetime of GoPro cameras, the Pilotfly could be the camera stabilizer you have been looking for.

Recharging will take a good few hours if you use your PC or laptop’s USB port.

We advise you to purchase a supercharger– it is an additional purchase and cost, but it will have you fully charged and ready to go within the hour.

Construction and Design

The FunnyG02 handheld stabilizer has an aluminum CNC alloy construction.

It provides motorized stabilization with pan, tilt, and roll axes.

Funnygo2 stabilizer with the detachable handle

The gimbal unit can either be directly connected with GoPro compatible mount or attached to the included handle.

An extended cable is provided, and the cable should connect the gimbal to the handle that will extend the power and control of the product.

This ergonomically designed handle has a mode select button that will give you the option of switching between operating modes, and a 4-way joystick is included for controlling pan and tilt options.

5 Stabilization modes

Five different modes are available:

  1. Invert mode
  2. Follow RolL
  3. Headlock
  4. Follow mode
  5. Pitch-lock mode

All modes are auto-detectable when in operation.

Remote control and external screen with Bluetooth

Another great feature of this product is its Bluetooth option.

This extra option will help you connect your Android device to this product and enable remote control shooting that helps you capture great looking images from a distance.

There is also a unique gimbal control system that includes built-in temperature calibration to ensure reliability under all types of weather conditions.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to use the Bluetooth option?

To make the Bluetooth option workable, you will need to download a specific app from Play store.

Is the gimbal removable from the handle?

Yes. It is removable, and it can be connected with any GoPro camera device.

How to switch between modes?

There is a specific button on a handle that enables you to switch between modes. All modes are auto-detectable, as well.

Is the Pilotfly 000006 Funnygo2 water resistant?

No, it is not made “water-resistant” and should be used on land and avoid rainy situations. For Wet conditions you should look at the Karma pro Grip and Removu S1 Gimbals.

Online customer reviews and scores

We have carefully been tracking the development of this product on Amazon.com and what have customers been saying about it. So far, this product hasn’t received the attention we thought it should.

It has only five customer reviews and the average grade is a little below three stars at the time of writing the review.

Funnygo2 gimbal with the pilotfly bag

Considering the features of this product, we expected a lot more buyers and glory reviews.

However, what repelled first buyers is a little bit higher price as well as many strong competitor products in this category. As the device is relatively new, we expect the ratings and reviews go up over the summer months.

Wrapping it up – Should you buy Pilotfly’s FunnyGO2 Gimbal?

Here we come to an end of this Pilotfly Funny GO2 Gimbal review.

We honestly hope you had a blast reading and that you can now make an informed decision on whether you should purchase the product.

For anyone looking to film stable, sharp-looking and precise videos for a longer period of time, we consider this Pilotfly gimbal a great purchase for both experts and amateurs alike.
With the FunnyGO2 handheld stabilizer, you will get an all-in-one solution for your shooting needs.

This product is compatible with all GoPro products, starting from the version 1 to the Hero 5, and it can even work for some other action cameras of around the same size.

Two modes are instantly recognized, and you get a 4-way joystick that will help you adjust tilt and roll angles.

Although it is around the mid-range pricing bracket, we feel there are enough extra features to justify it.

As far as hand-held gimbals go, Pilotfly certainly know the time of day and the FunnyGO2 is an great device for capturing smooth footage.

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