Review: Andoer 2D Light Gimbal for DJI Phantom (PROS & CONS)

In this review, we are looking at the Andoer 2D.

This low-cost drone gimbal is a lightweight brushless stabilizer that is designed especially for the DJI Phantom 1, 2, 3 series.

The Gimbal has a very simple, uncomplicated design and structure ensuring you can connect it to your DJI Phantom drone without any issues at all.

Its main advantages are the cheap pricetag, and the fact it is so lightweight.

Most 2 Axis drone gimbals can weigh a lot. Add a gopro camera, and that puts a lot of strain on your flying drone, which will ultimately limit your flying time.

The Andoer 2D is made from a lightweight Aluminium structure, ideal for saving power when you are in flight.     

Andrer 2D Gimbal specifications

  • Motor: Model 2208 KV80 Brushless motor
  • Control panel: BGC2.0 Brushless control panel
  • Software: BGC 2.2
  • Material: CNC Aluminum alloy Strap: For GOPRO camera strap Compatible camera: For GOPRO 3 3+ series
  • Mounting plate pitch: 20mm / 0.8in
  • Battery plug type: JST plug Voltage: 12V Compatible model: For DJI phantom I, walkera x350
  • Color: Silver
  • Item size: Approx. 8 * 8 * 8cm / 3.1 * 3.1 * 3.1in (L * W * H)
  • Item weight: 213g / 7.5oz

Package size:

18 * 13.5 * 9cm / 7.1 * 5.3 * 3.5in Package weight: 361g / 12.7oz 

What’s in the box:

  • Aluminum Gimbal Installed 2 Motors
  • Gimbal Controller
  • Sensor
  • Wirings
  • Bag of Screws


Real life use

The Andoer 2D gives you nice and steady camera footage that combats all types of vibrations the drone will encounter while in flight.

It is designed for the GOPRO 3 3+ series, although it will support other gopro hero and similar sized cameras.

As the Gimbal is so cheap compared to some of its rival competitors (less than 50 bucks at the time of writing this review), it might not be the absolute best gimbal money can buy.

But with this being said, you cannot go wrong at this price level!

As with most drone gimbals the setup could be a little troublesome if you are new to the drone flying world.

You might need to turn to some Youtube videos on how to connect and setup the device.

Overall review

Overall the Andoer 2D Gimbal delivers well for the pricetag,and lets you shoot pro-looking footage at a really low cost.

Are you are looking for something lightweight and something that will steady your camera images and not cost you the world?


You should consider the Andoer 2D, this is a great Gimbal for your DJI Phantom drone.

If you are just starting out, and looking to learn the ropes, then again, the Andoer 2D Gimbal will definitely help you in that respect.

We found the battery life of the drone increase up to 30% compared to more advanced drone Gimbals, and the imagery the Andoer 2D provided was better than average.    

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  1. James Rileya says

    After paying out over $800 for my Phantom Drone, I didn’t want to spend the same again on a camera stabilizer, so I opted for the Andoer gimbal. I wasn’t expecting too much as I know other gimbals can cost around 5 times more than I paid, but once I had it hooked up to my drone, you could see the difference in the quality of videos “before and after the gimbal was added.

    Ok, there are some small flaws, such as the badly written user guide (and as a result took me a good few hours to figure out how to connect it securely, but after that small headache, everything was smooth sailing, or should I say smooth flying. Really happy with it at such a bargain price. Thumbs up from me.

  2. Mark says

    Hey I also would like to use this gimbal, but on a custom drone with a flight controller.
    Can I just use the 50Hz pwm values for pitch and roll as an input? Or how does it work ?

    Kind regards

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