Review: Pilotfly PFH1P Gimbal For Mirrorless Cameras (PROS & CONS)

The Pilotfly PFH1P 3 axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is a handheld stabilizing Gimbal with the latest technology that gives you a professional experience for your video and photo shooting.


About the Gimbal

This specific Gimbal can be used with entry or mid range DSLR, but is aiming specifically at Mirorless cameras.

It can support up to 2.8 pounds / 1,27 Kg of camera weight.

The 32 bit technology and the 2 IMU sensors give you a much more powerful filming experience than ever before.

On the handle there is an extremely easy to use mode button and rocking switch.

The Pilotfly Gimbal is really well made from Aluminium Alloy, giving you peace of mind the device will not break even when shooting the most extreme of sports.

Real life use

The footage the device captures is stable and gives a really reliable experience.

The brushless motors can support a weight of up to 1.2kg, ensuring you can connect a wide range of mirrorless cameras to the Gimbal.


The mode settings of the DSLR Gimbal are extremely easy to use, the rock switch on the handle can be deployed then you can adjust the device on both pitch and rolls angles.

The mode button itself has 4 settings (Follow mode, Pitch and lock mode, Headlock and Invert mode that is auto detected when you turn the Gimbal upside down).


All modes are really simple to set via the joystick on the handle or even a application you can download to your Smartphone device!

The Pilotfly Gimbal also has another fantastic feature in the Sound alert alarm.

I will signal when you have either, low battery, mode changes and calibration sequence.


This ensures you don’t encounter the battery dying on your mid-film, or accidently hit the change mode button and not be able to switch back in time before the shot is gone.

It is a super little feature.


  • Fantastic design. Very modern looking.
  • Easy to switch between the modes with a few easy to reach buttons on the handle of the device.
  • External battery that can be easily plugged in to extend the video shooting time.
  • Supports a wide range of cameras
  • Wireless remote connection via Bluetooth for Andriod and Iphone devices.
  • Comes with a protective case.
  • Extreme accuracy and smooth stability due to two integrated IMU sensors.


  • Expensive for a handheld Gimbal.
  • Updates can be difficult to upload to the device.
  • Might need to purchase a baseplate for some types of lenses.

Overall review

We really enjoyed reviewing the Pilotfly PFH1P Gimbal.

It is one of the best and easy to use Gimbals we have had the pleasure to use.

Our footage using a Fuji X-T10 mirorless camera was buttery smooth with no signs of any jittery movements when we was in action.


The mode operations was one of the easiest to set with the little joystick on the handle. *

The hard carrying case came to be extremely useful as when you do a lot of travelling.

This gimbal can get bashed about quite a lot and we have had a few that have even broken when on our travels.

Just like a lot of things, it’s the little things like to joystick and mode buttons on the handle and the carrying case that make the Gimbal really stand out from the crowd!

The Pilotfly Gimbal was simply a joy to work with.

Here is a video by Pilotfly Tech:

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