Top 3 Gimbals for Samsung Galaxy S21 Series Phone

Top Gimbals for the Samsung Galexy S21 Series Phones

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A Gimbal is a device that is set up with motors and sensors to support your camera and allow it to rotate smoothly along an axis. It is a perfect way to hold your camera steady without a tripod and produces video that is more professional than your average shot.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 has a unique contour-cut camera that can capture cinematic 8K video( the highest resolution video available in a smartphone, it is four times as many pixels as the 4K). 

Also, the phone has a 40 MP selfie camera, a 12 MP ultra wide camera. Finding the right gimbal for your Samsung Galaxy S21 can be a daunting task, so we have curated a buying guide that would enlighten you on the top 3 gimbals for your S21. 

Top 3 Gimbals for Samsung Galaxy S21 

The following gimbals were carefully selected bearing in mind the stabilization technology, compatibility, the size, battery life, and build quality.

  1. DJI OM 4 Gimbal (Amazon)(amazon) – Best all around and most recommended.
  2. Zhiyun-Tech Smooth-4 (Amazon) Gimbal  – Best features for the advanced user, also has been around for years and is a generally very solidly made and explored device.
  3. Feiyu Vlog Pocket 2 Gimbal (Amazon)– cheap and beginner friendly, also very travel friendly because of its size

DJI OM 4 Gimbal 

If you are keen about creating magnetic moments then this gimbal is your best all around bet. The DJI OM 4 (Amazon) Gimbal comes in a compact design that allows it to be a fold-able device.

Gimbals for Samsung Galaxy S21

This device would effortlessly complement your Samsung Galaxy S21, allowing you to record with no stress. It has so many features that are very easy to use; a story mode, quick roll, gesture control, and a magnetic phone clamp and ring holder. 


  • The magnetic phone clamp is thin and ultralight, so your Galaxy S21 is safe and secure while you record your eye-catching videos using the DJI OM 4 Gimbal. The ring holder on the other hand snaps your phone onto the gimbal and it can also serve as a kickstand. 
  • The gimbal weighs just 0.93 lbs/423g and that makes it very portable. You can easily fold it into your bag making it easy for you to use it everywhere and anywhere inspiration comes both indoor and outdoor. 
  • The ActiveTrack 3.0 technology that the gimbal has recognizes adults, children, and pets with higher accuracy, and you can even fine-tune your image composition with the joystick. 
  • The story mode has different templates that can help you create more juicy content while filming and even editing. 
  • The DynamicZoom works with advanced algorithms that know exactly what to do while the CloneMe Pano creates an epic panorama from so many photos. 
  • The Gesture Control enables the gimbal to work hands-free, all you need to do is just wave and your video automatically starts. Amazing, isn’t it? 
  • Timelapse helps you to compress a video into a few seconds hereby giving it a thrilling effect and you have everyone saying wow wow, how did you do this?


  • Affordable 
  • Light weight 
  • Magnetic 
  • Hands free control 
  • Very easy to use 


  • Battery is not removable 
  • Samsung Ultra Will overheat the motors fast. For that reason not reccomended for Samsung Ultra 21- Recommended you try full power gimabls such as the Zhyiun Crane 4


Zhiyun-Tech Smooth 4 Gimbal 

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal (Amazon) was designed to make you a professional filmmaker using just your mobile phone. With your Samsung Galaxy S21 you can make magic with this gimbal and create top notch content. 

The gimbal has an integrated control panel and so you don’t need to touch your phone screen, all you need to  do is use the hot-key buttons and you’re good to go! A very much pro centered feature.
Gimbals for Samsung Galaxy S21

The Zhiyun Smooth 4 Gimbal comes with a unique feature called “Focus Pull & Zoom Capability”. A professional hand wheel is built in this device that helps you to zoom in and out easily. You can also take close-up photos and you can be sure to achieve high-precision photos and videos. 

This device enables you to utilize all kinds of advanced shooting techniques. It has several features such as Timelapse, moving time lapse and Motion Lapse. It can accurately capture even the tiniest detail and focuses on deep optimization. 

The Smooth 4 gimbal also has the “PhoneGo Mode” feature which makes instant scene transition easy to achieve. The gimbal can detect every little movement and do so you don’t have to worry about losing any shot. 

Also, you can easily switch between the different modes while using the gimbal; the PhoneGo mode, Pan Following mode, Following mode and the Locking mode. This gimbal is quite versatile and can be used in different environments, it makes shooting so easy. 


  • Super affordable 
  • Long lasting battery 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Easy to set up 
  • Buttons are easily accessible 


  • Not easy to carry around (kind of large and bulky)
  • Samsung Ultra Will overheat the motors fast. For that reason not reccomended for Samsung Ultra 21- Recommended you try full power gimabls such as the Zhyiun Crane 4


Feiyu Vlog Pocket 2 Gimbal 

The Feiyu Vlog Pocket 2 (Amazon) Gimbal is really compact and pocket-able just as the name implies. For this gimbal, you don’t need an app to connect to your Samsung Galaxy S21, you can connect to your phone camera directly.

Gimbals for Samsung Galaxy S21


It is a 3-axis gimbal so it uses three separate motors to help keep your smartphone steady. It can also be folded to fit into your pocket and small bags hence making it easy to carry it along everywhere you go. It comes with a control algorithm that improves smoothness and stability.

No need to touch the screen, shortcut keys can bring up the app menu, you are able to complete most of the operations with one hand. One key switch between landscape and portrait shooting mode; easy for live streaming and shooting short videos, build your trending videos.

There is also the Gesture Control feature which allows you to snap a picture or start a video with a simple gesture. This makes it super easy for you to vlog on the go! 

The Panorama Mode can be used to film mountains, hills, rivers, etc while the Time-lapse Photography feature enables you to capture light and shadow. There are cautious types of time lapse that can be employed; the static timelapse, dynamic timelapse, and trajectory timelapse.

The battery life lasts for about 8 to 9 hours when you’re in operation and it equally charges fast ( 1.5 to 2 hours). You can also connect to bluetooth while using this gimbal. 



  • Very portable 
  • Quiet and fast motor 
  • Has 360 degrees orientation 
  • Built-in microphone and Wi-Fi
  • Multiple shooting modes


  • The battery is not replaceable 
  • Not water resistant 


Buyer’s Guide 

When you are on the lookout for the perfect gimbal for your Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone, some factors need to be considered. Below is a buyer’s guide that we have carefully curated to point out the important factors to you. 

The design

The design of a gimbal is a very important factor that must not not be overlooked. It is essential that your gimbal is lightweight, compact and very portable. 

Carrying it around shouldn’t feel like stress to you at all; parties, travels, adventures should get you excited because you know you can easily go about with your gimbal and record every detail. 


The major function of a gimbal is to stabilize your phone camera. They come with motors that have either 2 or 3 axes of movement. The 2 axis gimbals typically stabilize the Tilt & Roll axis while 3 axis gimbals add stabilization to the Pan axis. 

The 3 axis gimbal gives an added advantage because it makes the whole process of shooting dynamic moving shots easier and in fact smoother. It is advisable to buy a gimbal with 3 axis because it ensures proper stabilization compared to those with 2 axis. 

The features 

In recent times, it has been observed that many phone gimbals provide 3-axis stability but lack intelligent features and shooting modes that really separate your content from the rest. 

So when you’re looking out to buy a Gimbal for your Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone make sure you look beyond the stability that the gimbals offer. Take note of intelligent features like controlling your gimbal with gestures, 360 rotation, time lapse, focus and zoom capability, multiple shooting modes, etc. 

Is it easy to use? 

Handling a gimbal that is not easy to use makes the whole idea of recording videos and content creation generally tiring. 

The best phone gimbals are ergonomic, easy to set up and use. Your phone should be  easily controlled with just a few buttons on the gimbal or even hand gestures. 

Battery life 

Imagine capturing an amazing moment with your loved ones on an adventure and your gimbal battery dies. That would be so painful, to avoid that, you must always ensure that you look out for gimbals that have long battery life and a fast charge time as well. 


Most gimbals come with apps, you need to make sure that the app works perfectly with your Samsung Galaxy S21 series phone before purchasing it. 

If the app and the software that comes with the gimbal is not compatible with your phone, you’d have a tough time using most of the features on the gimbal and that can be very annoying. 

Getting the right gimbal for your phone will enable you to be as creative as you would love to. If you want to avoid shaky videos and achieve high resolution photos and videos while using your Samsung Galaxy S21, then you should get a gimbal today! 



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  1. Dale Buchanan says

    The smooth 4 is not capable of supporting the s21 ultra due to its weight and size. The glimble will hold steady for a few minutes before the motors give out. Should definitely not be in a top 3 for this phone model

    1. Josh Kruger says

      Thanks for the heads ups. I updated the article.

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