Top Gimbals For Canon G7x Mark ii

Looking for the best gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Due to the immense popularity of Canon G7X among vloggers, more people are reaching out for suggestions regarding which gimbal they should consider for the Canon G7X Mark ii.

I’ve researched a bunch of gimbals available on the market and found that most of them are either overpriced or lack the essential features. Therefore, I’ve settled upon 5 top gimbals for Canon G7X Mark ii that will fulfill your needs without having to break the bank.

Each gimbal mentioned below works seamlessly with the weight of the Canon G7X mounted on them. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

#1: Zhiyun Crane V2

Zhiyun Crane V2, gimbal for G7x Mark ii

The Zhiyun Crane V2 is the best gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii, which has the perfect combination of performance, functionality, image stabilization, and price.

Controlled by a switch, two buttons, and a touch-based directional pad, the gimbal allows you to handle most of the important gimbal functions while holding it simply with your thumb. It lets you quickly switch between modes without wasting any time via the control system.

Crane v2’s Bluetooth compatibility lets you control it remotely using the Zhiyun remote control and/or the Android or iOS app. This means you can place it in one location and move to a different area while still obtaining perfect stabilization, making the Zhiyun Crane V2 one of, if not, the best go-to option for vloggers.

With the max load capacity of 4 lbs (1.8 kg), the gimbal can easily support your Canon G7X Mark ii, which weighs around 0.7 lbs. Also, the 12-hour long battery life makes it unbeatable at this price range.

In terms of build quality, this 3-axis gimbal doesn’t feel flimsy or weak. In fact, they’ve used robust materials to build the gimbal while still somehow making it feel lightweight, ensuring you can carry it wherever without any discomfort. Overall, I can say with confidence that the Zhiyun Crane V2 won’t disappoint you.


  • Working Voltage: 8.4V
  • Working Current: 110mA
  • Battery Runtime: 6h-12h (26500 Li-ion batteries)
  • Charging Time: 3h
  • Tilt, Roll, and Pan Angle Range: 360°
  • Angle Tolerance while holding: min. ±0.1° max. ±0.3°
  • Angle Tolerance while moving: min. ±0.5° max. ±0.2°
  • Valid Payload: 350g ~ 1800g
  • Working Temperature: -10°C ~ 45°C
  • Product Dimension: 173* 188* 374mm
  • Product Net Weight: 950g/Unit
  • Gross Weight (package included): 2600g/Unit

What’s In the Box:

  • Gimbal Stabilizer *1
  • Battery Compartment *1
  • Micro USB Cable *1
  • Lens Support *1
  • Thumb Screw for Mounting Camera *2
  • 26500 Li-ion Batteries *2
  • 26500 Battery Charger *1
  • User Manual *1

#2: Zhiyun Crane M2

The Crane M2 is by far the most popular gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii on the market right now. It’s recommended by most professionals due to its remarkable image stabilization ability.

Zhiyun Crane M2 - gimbal for canon G7x Mark ii

The battery performance on this one is equivalent to the Zhiyun Crane V2, so there’s that. It offers all the bells and whistles of Zhiyun (e.g., Bluetooth support, Zhiyun remote control, easy control system, etc.) while weighing only 0.67 lbs. Thus, it’s widely popular among travel vloggers who are always on the go and prefer small, lighter cameras like the Canon G7X.

Modes are now created from scratch to ensure you get optimal performance for your G7X Mark ii—this includes:

  • Locking mode
  • Vortex mode
  • Full following
  • Pan follow
  • Full-range POV
  • Go settings


Overall, the Crane M2 is the only gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii that comes close to my best pick; the Zhiyun Crane V2.

Key Features:

  • Designed for small cameras like the Canon G7X Mark ii
  • Large 4-way joystick
  • Android/iOS app
  • Thumbscrew and Quick-release plate
  • 0.01° of accuracy within 0.25 ms
  • 12h runtime

#3: The Feiyu G6 Plus

The Feiyu G6 Plus - gimbal for canon G7x Mark ii

Another high-quality gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii that made it to this list is the Feiyu G6 Plus. It offers some incredible performance and topnotch build quality while still holding the reputation within the vlogging scene.

The G6 Plus boasts a max load capacity of 1.76 lbs, making your G7X’s weight a breeze to stabilize for the gimbal. You’ll get 8-12 hours of battery life easily, and it takes less than 4 hours to fully charge, which is great.

Both the hardware and software of G6 Plus stimulate high-quality image stabilization. Similar to the Zhiyun Crane V2, the control system is pretty easy to manage; i.e., you can access most of your gimbal’s functions with your thumb. 

In terms of design and build quality, the G6 Plus works like a charm with the gimbal coming in at only 1.46 lbs, making it super convenient to hold for a longer period.

Although the previous generation of Feiyu gimbals has had some issues with the build quality, the G6 Plus comes from their new G Range, meaning it’s built with solid materials and has the latest firmware updates.

Key Features:

  • Focus ring—can be used to precisely control the zoom/follow focus
  • Easy-to-control FoV
  • Bluetooth + W-Fi, Dual Module Connection
  • Rolling button
  • Extended accessories—1/4” threaded holes on the side and bottom, the body has 1/4” threaded holes compatible with all photographic equipment accessories boasting 1/4” thread on the market


  • Working Time: 12h
  • Max Payload: 800g
  • Charging Time: 3h
  • Tilt: 260° 
  • Roll: 320° 
  • Pan: 360°
  • Battery Life: 26650 battery (5000mAh)
  • Water-proof Grade: Only splash-proof.
  • Net Weight: 663g

#4: DJI Ronin-S

If money isn’t an issue, then the DJI Ronin-S would make an excellent gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii, especially for those considering some premium choices. 

It empowers enthusiasts to shoot with the freedom of neat, stabilized shots on the go. The Ronin-S not only supports the G7X Mark ii but also works with almost every mirrorless or DSLR camera setup you can think of. 

It’s versatile, ergonomic, and portable. 

The all-in-one SmoothTrack Technology Control enables you to transition from motion to camera angle with just one hand. 

The ergonomic design frees unwanted shake while shifting from underslung to an upright angle in one smooth take, and the detachable design promotes various usage scenarios. Not to mention the automated features within the app, allowing you to take more creative shots to unlock your inner filmmaking potential.


  • Number of Axes. 3-Axis
  • Battery Capacity. 2400 mAh
  • Battery Runtime. 12h
  • Load Capacity: 7.94 lbs/ 3.6 kg
  • Operating Temperature. -4 ~ 113°F / -20 ~ 45°C.
  • Mounting: 1 x 1/4″-20 Female. …
  • Package Weight: 8.15 lb

#5: Moza Aircross 3

And last but not least, the Moza Aircross 3 can both work as a gimbal for Canon G7X Mark ii and for heavy mirrorless cameras.

It comes with a much higher payload (3.9 lbs) than other options listed in this article—this makes mounting your G7X to the Aircross 3 a breeze. When it comes to battery life, you get 12 hours of running time and it takes about 4 hours to fully recharge. 

The control system is identical to the ones mentioned above, and the build quality is top-notch, given that it’s built for use with a mirrorless camera. While I’d highly recommend buying any of the first three products listed, the Aircross 3 is by no means a cheap option.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic time-lapse footage creation via the MOZA App
  • With the “Sports Gear” mode on, you can tune the motors to follow faster-moving subjects
  • “Inception” mode enables full 360° of the roll axis for cool camera moves
  • 3 2000mAh batteries
  • Mounts to a slider, jib, tripod, or other support via a 1/4″ threaded hole
  • The app-based auto-tuning functions ensure optimal performance and save time

Wrapping Up

Most Canon G7X will enjoy a nifty gimbal stabilizer. However, be sure to spend your money wisely. 

While some gimbal systems aren’t that expensive, wasting your hard-earned money is not a good idea. Aside from this article and some basic consideration, feel free to visit your local store to check out the products yourself.

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