TopOne Nebula 4000 3 Axis Gimbal Review (PROS & CONS)

We are reviewing the TopOne Nebula 4000, a great DSLR Gimbal compared so some of the others ranging around the same price point.

The Gimbal is compatible for an array of cameras or Smartphones.


About the Gimbal

The loading capacity is nearly 1 kg, allowing for almost all mirrorless cameras.

You don’t need to mess with the settings from the outset, especially if you are not planning any vigorous shooting.

Even if you are a beginner, the TopOne Nebula Gimbal will help you create smooth, bump free shots with minimal effort.

If you are going to use the Gimbal for a more extreme usage such as bike riding, then we would advise you to tune the software to suit your needs.

The TopOne Nebula 4000 is of a professional build and looks very stylish.

Real life use

There are a few external wires on the device that you will need to keep an eye on.

The YAW motor could rotate so much that it could cut the wires, we advise reading the manual to ensure it doesn’t happen, even though it is extremely unlikely.

If you are going to use a smaller type camera, you will need to adjust the software.

As it stands the software default setting is for bigger sized cameras.


There are lots of videos on Youtube on how to do this and it’s really easy once you have done it once or twice.

The stabilizer is operated using your hand and has three different operating modes.

You can either lock the camera in place along the  three different axes (pitch, yaw, and roll) or select the modes where the camera will smoothly follow you as pan (yaw) and tilt (pitch) on the device.

The motorized 3-axis TopOne Nebula Gimbal is powered by a built-in battery with 2000mAh of power.

It will provides up to two hours of operating time.

The Gimbal also comes with a protective hard case and a battery charger.



  • Tough and durable – great looking.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Compatible for many cameras and Smartphones.
  • Bluetooth connection for remote configuration using IOS or Android devices.
  • Very useful hard case for travelling around the most extreme environments.



  • A few wires exposed that could be tangled when filming.
  • Only a few hours of battery life.
  • Software updates for different cameras.


Overall review

In this review, we found that the TopOne Nebula Gimbal is overall an awesome handheld Gimbal.

Whether you are filming in a relaxed setting or a extreme sport, the footage you will capture will be silky smooth and blemish free.

The modes are really easy to use once you have the hang of it.

Its hard case carrier is something we wished all companies rolled out as it protects your Gimbal from the hustle and bustle you can encounter when you aren’t shooting but have the device with you.


If you want to take professional videos no matter if you are an expert or not, the TopOne Gimbal will certainly help you achieve wonderful results.

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