VILTROX WD-Z Mechanical Stabilizer Review (PROS & CONS)

We are reviewing the Viltrox WD-Z, a handheld stabilizing Gimbal that is mechanically operated.

It is designed to operate DSLR and mirrorless cameras and can support devices up to 13 pounds / 6kg.


About the Stabilizer

The Viltrox stabilizer has a dual grip balancing system you can operate from each handle grip, ensuring the device is really easy to balance and operate as you do not require any extra weights or motors.

This makes the filming extremely easy to capture the footage in one single take, without ever missing a spontaneous action shot.

The Gimbal makes sure the footage is really steady and fluid.

Despite the level you might be on, complete novices can use this device and you would think they have been behind the camera for years!


The stabilizing unit has not one but two Gimbals above each hand grip.

This provides extreme motionless movement of various different Axes.

Each Gimbal will move independently of each other, which will give the camera a floating effect.

Real life use

Having 2 hand grips on the stabilizer allows the user to change directions effortlessly, and limits operator fatigue.

It is really common with heavy single handed Gimbals.

The Viltrox WD-Z stabilizer also offers the operator to tilt the camera using just your thumbs.

It lets you capture the hard to get to images at low or high angles.

The device is made out of Aluminium Alloy, that ensures the strength of the device that will not be broken easily.


The stabilizer has to easy to hold form pads on each handle to ensure the filming is as comfortable as possible.



  • Holds up to 6kg, or 13 pouunds of weight – giving the ability to hold heavy weight cameras.
  • The stabilizer come with 2 gimbals to ensure the device can float for the perfect imagery.
  • Fantastic price compared to other Mechanical Stabilizers.
  • Easy to capture really low or high images.
  • Comes with a protective carrying case.
  • Operator uses the device with 2 hands to limit user fatigue one can receive from operating one handed Gimbals.
  • Extremely smooth stability due to two integrated sensors on the Gimbal.
  • Tilt Control to copy Jib-Style Shots
  • Great price.



  • Setup might take a little bit of time.
  • Shipping time reported to take longer than expected.


Overall review

For less that 300 dollars this mechanical stabilizer offers quite a lot.


It is designed with not only the footage you capture (like some other models) but also for the comfort of the operator.

The two Gimbals on each hand of the stabilizer ensure the smooth actions of not only the video, but also the movements of the camera giving the option the shoot even the most difficult of camera angles.

We really like the Viltrox WD-Z, one of the best dlsr gimbal, especially if you are going to be shooting for long periods at a time.

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