Walkera G-2D Drone Gimbal Review (PROS & CONS)

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We are reviewing the Walkera G-2D, a drone gimbal used to stabilize a gopro or similar camera on a drone.

Now, you can avoid shaky images and get the chance to have clearer and sharper ones. It is specially designed for the X350 Pro FPV Quadcopter, to be used with a Gopro Hero or similar action camera. You might be surprised; this product is made up of plastic.

Walkera G-2D with a gopro hero 3

Real Life Use

The Walkera G-2D brushless gimbal is for your drone footage and aerial shots on the X350 quadcopter.

This product is highly recommended for those who want to get a professional feel to their drone videos. Now you can achieve steady drone videos, go from close-up to moving scenes.

Drone gimbal brushless motor

Our Walkera G-2D brushless gimbal really works well with a GoPro Hero 3 camera, as promised. Although a soldering iron comes in handy if you want to make some adjustments, and make it suitable for other cameras. Also, the weight of the camera is considered so as to ensure stability.


  • Product Dimensions: 5.9 x 5 x 3.8 inches
  • Item Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Max. angular rate: 2000deg/SEC
  • Maximum acceletation: 16g
  • Control Frequency: 1000Hz
  • Accuracy: 0.1deg   Control Range: -45 ~ 45 (Roll), -135 ~ 90 (Pitch)


Cheap, value for money is guaranteed. This product is priced at $74.99 or at $68.78 in Amazon.

Lightweight and durable. This product is lightweight because it is made up of durable plastic.

Stability guaranteed. In this review, we found that the Walkera G-2D is stable even when intense shaking happens during the flight.

Walkera G-2D Drone gimbal

No set up required. Open the box, route the wires and you are good to go. The trick here is calibrating the gimbal using the Naza software.

Installation is easy. The power ports are already open at the bottom. You will simply need an adapter plate attached in a slide connector.

Established in 1994, Walkera have been coming up with tonnes of excellent quality products, and this is not an exception with the Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal either.

The Walkera G-2D is comes in a quality plastic version and is very durable.

The unit can easily withstand long hours under the sun without causing damage to its components. In addition to its excellent durability, the Walkera G-2D is also lightweight.

Besides being lightweight, the unit requires very simple installation. With a couple of screws and an adapter you will be able to achieve a snug fit.

The Walkera G-2D also comes with a high precision and stable frame which promotes excellent stability for aerial photography, even during high speed flights.

This drone gimbal is driven by a high performance brushless motor that gives the unit a better precision and longer life. Another good side of the Walkera G-2D is that, the G-2D program can be easily updated online from the Walkera website.


There are reports from various buyers that the Walkera G-2D brushless gimbal broke after one to two uses.

Although these reports are not verified, one thing that must be kept in mind is to use the gadget according to the instructions provided.

Walkera G-2D Controller

In case the reports are true, you can get a refund very easily if you buy it through Amazon.

Another possible negative point is that users must be very careful in landing the product especially from very high altitudes. Unlike other products, this one is not made up of metal or carbon fiber.

Walkera G-2D Box

Be careful not to crash it onto a tree or something hard. You know it is the end game for your Walkera G-2D brushless gimbal. Hence, we can consider this product as a bit more fragile.

As well, the manual that comes with this set is directly translated from Chinese to English, and it can be slightly difficult to understand. However, since the unit requires simple installation, it should not be a major issue.


Overall review

Overall, this product is of best value. For a reasonable price, you can now get stabilizerd HD drone videos.

The product is also lightweight, which will help save your drone batteries.

Being lightweight makes it suitable for travelling too, although you must be careful in packing it. As mentioned, it is fragile since it is made up of plastic but for this price, nothing beats achieving smooth and steady drone videos.

Here is a video shot with the Walkera G-2D and a DJI Phantom drone:

The Walkera G-2D would undoubtedly be a good buy for those looking for a gimbal that is easy to operate, and one that provides excellent, stable and smooth photos as well as videos.

For the excellent performance provided by the Walkera G-2D, it is certainly a good buy. The unit is definitely worth the price.

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  1. Stephen Graham says

    I unfortunately landed very heavily and broke the back plate of the GoPro 3+ camera holder. It broke at the section where the two retaining bolts hold it to the gimbal. I have searched the internet for the last 3 days trying to get a replacement part without any success. I have been extremely happy with my gimbal up until now and would be again if I could get a replacement part.

  2. Jay says

    Would this G-2D or the G-3D be capable of handling the weight of a Go Pro Hero 5 Black.
    What is the actual power rating of the motors

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