Review: XSories GMBL3A013 X-Steady Electro Gopro Gimbal

Here is my review of the Xsories X-Steady Gopro Gimbal.

We will start by saying that the Xsories Gimbal is quite basic (as far as Gopro Gimbals go) that can have both positive and negative points that we will get onto further in the review.

The Xsories X-Steady Gimbal has only one axis, that could be troublesome if you are using it for more extreme sports such as skiing.

Stabilizer for gopro Xsteady

With that being said, it is still functional and videos in a smooth, shake-free manner and that is what the gimbal was designed to do!

As with most Handheld Gimbals, you can add either your Smartphone or GoPro Camera really easily.

It mounts into place on the main chassis and secured by the fastener on the frame.

Real life usage

When testing the device, we found the video footage to be on point and almost pixel perfect for the price. You should enjoy a significantly reduced camera shake.

You can easily add various GoPro U-Shot poles to the Gimbal to take really low video shots.

Gopro gimbal

It literally took us about 5 minutes to set up from out of the box.

With most of the basic Gimbals, you pretty much add Camera and you are set and ready to go!

The battery life of the device was fair, it lasts about 90 minutes of constant usage before it when flat.

Xsories X-Steady, comes with a battery recharger and only takes a few hours charging before it’s ready to go again.

The collaboration is completely automatic. You should get used quickly to the device, controlled by two buttons near the handle – ensuring everything is close the hand when you are filming.

The frame itself is Aluminum and extremely lightweight. Weight is extremely important for a handheld Gopro stabilizer gimbals to ensure you can hold it outwards for lengthy periods of time.

For the lower end price, this Gopro Gimbal does exactly what it is designed to do, give you a more professional, smooth video.

Xstories Xsteady package content

Obviously, if you are looking for a Gimbal with various mode settings, or something for the more extreme sports with lots of bumps and turns, then maybe you take a look at the more advanced versions such as the Neewer NW-Z1-Rider2 3-Axis Portable Steady Multi Function Gimbal.


Tech Specs

220g • 7.76oz

140x76x100mm • 5.51×2.99×3.94in

110g – 210g • 3.88oz – 7.41oz

7.4v / 500mAh Li-ion / 3.7Wh

210g • 7.41oz

Overall review

All in all, if you are looking to record quality videos for sports such as skateboarding or running, then the Xsories X-Steady will do the job perfectly and it won’t cost you the moon to do so.

You don’t need to be Stephen Hawking, to set it up either.

Xstories Xsteady smartphone gimbal

Simply take it out of the box, connect to “arm” to the main chassis and add either your Smartphone or GoPro camera and you are jet set ready.

We found that the Xsories X-Steady is very portable. You can easily place it in either a bag or large pocket.

You can start recording a stabilized video, even if you stumble upon the moment that wasn’t planned. Overall, it’s an acceptable bit of kit, at a really affordable price!



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