Review: Zhiyun Z one pro / Z1 pro Gimbal (PROS & CONS)

We are reviewing the Zhiyun Z one pro Z1, a 3 mode, 3 Axis Handheld Gopro Gimbal / camera stabilizer

Zhiyun Z Pro 1 details

If you are serious about creating the perfect video shot with your Go pro camera while you are in motion, maybe you have your own Youtube channel for extreme sports or you want to video some all action event you’re participating in?

You will find that the Zhiyun Z one could be exactly the Go pro stabilizer that you are looking for.

We have reviewed the kit to help advise you on how much bang you get for your buck!

Real life use

Let’s start this gimbal review by saying that you will need to install the firmware into the device, and once done, you should be up and running within about 30 minutes.

Once it’s set up, the Zhiyun Z one pro can be operated in 3 modes:

  1. The first mode – the X axis (left to right action) is fixed, therefore, the Gimbal operates in a up and down motion – great if you want a smooth transaction from up and down shots such as rock climbing or caving.
  2. The second mode is when the X and Y axis are both fixed. This ensures the Gimbal is focused on the subject no matter if you move it left, right or up and down. This mode is great if you want to film whatever is ahead of you, such as, bike riding or some kind of motor event.
  3. The third mode, every axis is fixed, this is perfect for side filming and cameramen use this type of setting when filming such events from horse racing to track and field sport events like the Olympics.

We tested all the setting for various things, and the Zhiyun Z1 Pro gave a smooth transaction video for all.

Zhiyun Z pro one stabilizer legend

What was surprising is that it “outperformed” some of its competitors that cost almost double the price!

There is an “easy button” on the device so that you can switch between each mode very easily depending on how many times you click the button.

Zhiyun Z pro one gimbal angles

A fantastic feature for changing the mode while “in flow”.

The battery life was very fair, we used the Gimbal extensively and it when flat after about 4 and a half hours.



  • Three modes, great for different filming techniques.
  • Solid and sturdy Gimbal – metal design.
  • Good battery life – We would say between 4 and 5 hours.
  • Nice storage box, with a cut foam inserts to ensure good protection.
  • Battery indicator – blue LED. Four lights = full battery. One light = low battery.
  • A handle that can be extended with additional monopod tubes.
  • Great crane shots for $25 and you don’t need to carry a much more expensive crane with you.
  • Modern design.



  • The manual is terrible. It’s one page, one side in Chinese, and the other side is in badly written English with tiny wording.
  • The manual doesn’t explain how to change modes. We had to figure it out ourselves.
  • Remove the batteries to charge them. There is a USB port on the side but it’s not for charging.
  • The unit is not waterproof.

Zhiyun handheld gimbal weight test


Overall review

We think that the Zhiyun Z one Gopro Gimbal is fantastic and does everything it’s designed to do.

The 3 modes work perfectly and give you different stabilization options at different times.

You will find that in general, 3 mode Gimbals and stabilizers cost 2 or 3 times the price of this. At the price you cannot go wrong.



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