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The Best Gimbals Discount Codes I Could Find

Some of the gear I post about appear in many of the different posts. I have partnered with a distributor to get the prices down even further for my readers (and selfishly myself too – I buy a lot of gimbals). So  here we go

  1. Zhiyun Smooth 4 (Case Kit) (Amazon)  – Discount Code: 05smooth40 – 5% off
  2. Zhiyun Smooth X (No Case) (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05smoothx – 5% off
  3. Zhiyun Crane M2  (Amazon) – Discount Code: 15cranem2 – 5% off
  4. Zhiyun Crane Smooth Q2 (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05smoothq2 – 5% off
  5. Hohem iSteady Pro 3 (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05hohempro3 – 5% off
  6. MOZA Air 2 (Amazon) – Discount Code : 05aircross2 – 5% off
  7. MOZA AirCross 2 (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05aircross2 – 5% off
  8. MOZA MINI-P (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05mozaminip – 5% off
  9. Snoopa Vmate (Amazon) – Discount Code: 05snoppavmat – 5% off

I have articles about all these gimabls located here. If you need anything just leave a comment and ill be happy to respond!

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