EVO GP-PRO Gimbal Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

The Evo GP-PRO handheld gimbal is one of the best devices we have ever reviewed when it come to stabilizing your GoPro footage.

EVO Gp pro with a gopro hero 4 camera



Designed to be compatible with the Gopro Hero cameras, but it is also compatible with other action cameras such as :

  • GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero3+
  • GoPro Hero4 Silver, GoPro Hero4 Black
  • Yi Action Cam, Yi 4K Action Cam, SJ4000-SJ6000*
  • GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Hero5 Session*
  • GoPro Hero5 Black*
  • Garmin Virb Ultra 30
  • Nikon KeyMission 170**

*Charging cables in development
**Contact EVO for details

Once hooked up to your camera – a process that should only take a few minutes, simply “plug in and play” as there are no software configurations or annoying camera balancing settings that can send your stress levels into overdrive and you are ready for action, assuming you have charged the batteries up.

The first thing you will notice is the solid frame made from CNC Aluminum that is used to make aircrafts. We won’t go into any detail of how durable the Evo gimbal is as the last statement speaks for itself.

Close-up of the evo gp pro gimbal

When we took the GP-PRO for a test run, we was amazed with how steady our video was.

There was no camera sliding as you see quite often with other handheld gimbals. The little joystick built on the handle will take some getting used too, especially if you are new to using gimbals, but you should get the hang of it after a few tries, and once you do, it is well worth using for any “spare of the moment” action that you might miss if you left the gimbal in a certain mode.

There are a few differences with its earlier sibling, the EVO GP and the main ones being the GP-PRO has a built-in connector thread at the base of the handle allowing mounting to other products.

Another upgrade is the thumb joystick mentioned earlier and the ability to hook up the gimbal to an external monitor and we will get onto in more detail below.

The main frame of the earlier model hasn’t changed. The upgrades on this model are awesome and a great reason to purchase the younger model.

Key Feature – Four Mode Operation

As mentioned earlier, the EVO GP-PRO gimbal has a lovely 2-axis thumb control joystick added the the handle, making it super easy to “override” the gimbals setting as and when you need to.

Handling the evo gp-pro gimbal

Probably the best feature on the GP-PRO is the 4 operational modes that you can easily deploy from the mode setting button, again on the handle.

The 4 modes are :

  1. Heading and Follow Mode
  2. Heading and Pitch with Follow Mode
  3. Inverted Mode
  4. Locking Mode

All Four modes offer a wide range of film shooting, no matter which situation you would like to film, there is a mode that will do the job.

We tested each mode out vigorously, literally left no stone unturned and EVO GP-PRO passed with flying colors.

Sometimes when you switch between different modes, or use the joystick you will see a camera drift in your footage, but EVO have managed to make that a thing of the past with this wonderful device.

Versatility of the EVO GP-PRO

Now we know the gimbal is made to last with its CNC Aluminium body and is really adaptable as you can pretty much set the stabilizer for any situation but it doesn’t stop there!

The EVO GP-PRO is also equipped with a 3.5mm AV audio and video outlet port if you wanted to view your footage through an external monitor, users normally use this feature if they are looking to stream live images.

There is also a built-in standard 1/4-20″ thread on the underside of the handle for multiple mounting options and connectables such as tripods and extendable reaches.

The Versatility of the EVO GP-PRO is simply awesome, probably the best we have ever used with a handheld gimbal.

Main Features

  • Supported Cameras – GoPro HERO3, 3+ and HERO4
  • Mode settings – 4 and 2 different modes on the thumb joystick
  • Configuration – Simply connect the camera and go
  • Battery life – around 5 hours of usage
  • Battereries – GoPro LCD Bacpac or Battery Bacpac / (2) 18650 li-ion batteries
  • Mountable – Built-in thread to mount to lots of different devices
  • Ports – Integrated 3.5mm A/V output port for a recording monitor

Online Customer reviews and scores

At the time of writing this article, there has been a handful of customer reviews and the most impressive fact is that almost everyone have given the EVO GP-PRO an amazing 5 stars.

We aren’t surprised by this because this stabilizer has everything you would need and more.

Generally, the reviewers noticed how silky smooth their camera work was and how the gimbal did everything asked of it.

Other things some users noticed was the “camera sliding” was eliminated with the EVO GP-PRO, something we noticed within a few hours of using.

Almost everyone loved using the handheld gimbal and said it was a joy to use.

We can confirm this 100%! We normally like to find some little negative things that some users have located when using the device, just to give you are fair and honest outlook – the trouble was we couldn’t find any flaws whatsoever!

The only negative statement we could find was that one user complained that the gimbal was really heavy for its size.

The gimbal is quite heavy, but nothing out of the ordinary and if anything, it gives you peace of mind that your GoPro won’t fall out it when you are shooting some intense action with lots of hand and body movements.   

Overall review

To summarize this review on EVO’s GP-PRO handheld gimbal we would say it’s probably the best gimbal we ever used that is compatible with the latest Gopro Hero cameras.

From the 4 modes and the little thumb joystick, it seems EVO have thought of everything possible to not only deliver with the camera imagery but also with the user experience.

From the minute you take the gimbal out of the box you become aware of the quality and everything afterwards, including connecting your GoPro to the device, switching between modes when shooting, right down to the mounting thread and battery life is a joy to behold with this amazing gimbal.

packaging of evo's gp pro gimbal

Literally nothing is stressful.

As the GP-PRO doesn’t need any configuration and camera balancing, you would of thought it was designed for those just starting out filming, but that is anything but the true.

Even hard nosed professional camera operators will love this handheld gimbal. We would advise anyone looking for camera stabilizer to buy it!  

Add-ons Compatible for the EVO GP-PRO

EVO Pro Mount for Smartphones

If you are looking to connect your smartphone to this awesome gimbal, then worry not.
Smartphone mounted on a evo gp pro gimbal

EVO have you covered with the Pro Mount. This great add-on feature allows you to view your film through your smartphones screen and also allows you to operate the gimbal through the downloadable application.

The Pro Mounting clamp can be added anywhere on your EVO GP-PRO handle, allowing you to place it wherever is the most comfortable for you.

Smartphone mounted on the evo pro mount

The Pro Mount is compatible with all IOS, Android and Windows phones and you can connect them via the GoPro WIFI connection.

We think this is a must have add-on, especially for those looking to add an extension pole as you will have an extra viewing point.

EVO 14″ Carbon Fiber Extension Poles for SP and GP-PRO Gimbal

Speaking of extension poles, EVO have yet another add-on to help you shoot the perfect footage with these 14 inch Carbon Fiber extension poles.

As mentioned earlier, if you connect the poles to give you a long reach toward the action, then it will be a good idea to get the mount for smartphones above, as you will be able to see what you are filming easier. The extension poles are fitted to the GP-PRO via the threads built into the handle.

The setup probably takes around 60 seconds and as the poles are made from Carbon Fiber, it makes them extremely lightweight so that you can hold into position for longer periods of time.

We love the fact that EVO seem to have thought of everything with the GP-PRO, nothing is hard work or stressful. If you decide to purchase the Smartphone mount and the extension pole, things become even easier (and we didn’t think that was possible!

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  1. Earl Pery says

    Hi I live in the UK and was wondering if you could supply me a Evo GP Pro as it’s not available over here,
    I work in Law Enforcement and I often broadcast live streams for events and this would be perfect for my challenging role

    Many thanks


    1. topgimbals says

      Sorry, I can’t help with that. You should be able to find another gimbal in the UK. If you really need the GP PRO, contact EVO’s support to see if they can help

  2. Pete says

    Hi there. Is the EVO GP mountable on a chest harness? Thanks!

  3. satya says

    I would like to purchase for my GoPro Hero 5 Black, I am from India . Do you sell this in India – If not can you deliver to US , how to purchase and where is the purchase link.Please help

    1. Josh Kruger says

      Hey Satya, we don’t sell anything so i can’t really help you there. Perhaps flipkart will have it 🙂

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