Review: GUDSEN MOZA MINI-G GoPro Gimbal

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Looking for a good 3 Axis gopro gimbal at an afforbadle price?

In this review, we will be looking at the GUDSEN MOZA MINI-G video stabilizer.

GUDZEN Moza gopro stabilizers

There are certain features that you must be on the lookout for, so that you end up getting the right device at the end of the day.

About this Go-pro gimbal

The GUDSEN MOZA MINI-G Gopro gimbal is a video stabilizer with a slot for camera support that allows you capture high-octane footage and images.

With the gimbal being a small device it makes it easier for you to hold it by way of hand.

Moreover, the gimbal allows you to capture panoramic views since the its head can rotate at a three hundred and sixty-degree angle.

What makes the Gudsen MOZA Mini-g Interesting

The GUDSEN MOZA MINI is small enough to be held by hand.

Besides, it has an allowance for strapping on your body that helps provide a real coverage of events even as you engage your body in extreme exercise. Due to its light-weight nature, the device is easily attached to bicycle, vehicle, or even on your helmet.

Gudzen moza stabilizer strapped on helmet

Thus, it is a very simple gadget to use.

Due to the extreme nature of the environment, the gimbal is made use of in; the gadget has a lot of resilience to withstand the wind and other environmental factors.

At the same time, it can capture video and picture with a lot of precision.

Also, the gadget happens to made from durable material much able to withstand the effects of weather.

On this account, it can serve you for a very long time. Something fascinating about its design is the fact that the handgrip can always be detached from the whole component thus reducing its relative weight, especially where mounting is needed.

It is, therefore, a component that can be made use of in virtually any environment.

The handgrip also doubles as a remote controller and allows you to send instructions to the entire device automatically:

Handle on the gudzen moza gopro stabilizer

Massive Battery life

The gimbal, just like any other device, derives its power from a rechargeable battery.

At full charge, the battery can last you for up to eight hours.

Thus, the power backup gives you a large window of opportunity to do all that you had planned to achieve within a day.

Currently, this particular battery has a power capacity of 2600mAh, and the device receives its charge through a USB port.

The GUDZEN MOZA MINI-G Gopro gimbal battery also happens to compatible with devices like the GoPro cameras, GoPro Hero 5, GoPro Hero 4, GoPro Hero 3+, GoPro Hero 3, the YI 4K and Y action cameras.

Features and specifications

Apart from the battery, video recorder, and the detachable handgrip, the gimbal also contains:-

  • A USB port used to transfer footage from the device to a computer and also charge the gimbal’s battery;
  • A power button;
  • A standby holder to harness your Smartphone;
  • An underbelly thread mount to anchor the gimbal on a tripod stand;
  • Wall socket battery charger;
  • An application linking the gimbal to your handheld Smartphone; and
  • LED light to tell you when the device is in on or off mode.

Gudzen mini-g gimbal in selfie mode

Online Customer Reviews and Scores

A vast majority of clients that use the gimbal are a happy lot with this device primarily because of its ability to capture images and videos from virtually any angle.

Besides, the footage comes out extremely clear.

Also, customers feel that the mobile application that comes with the device helps them gain full control of the gimbal.

They are extremely satisfied with its ability to be made use of in different environments, and its potential to be held by hand or mounted on surfaces.

Woman skiing while beeing filmed by a gudzen moza mini-g stabilizer

However, motor noise originating from the GoPro 5 has proven to be a contentious issue

Although this kind of sound is infuriating, you can always minimize it through changing some settings on the device or even playing music using your phone.

On the bright side, the gimbal is a very efficient tool especially in what it does.

Overall Review / Conclusion

The GUDSEN MOZA MINI-G Gopro gimbal is not like any other gimbal of its kind.

Its lightweight nature and flexibility of use make it the device of preference when capturing sports footage. Besides, its general capabilities allow it to capture images and videos from virtually any angle.

Thus, you might find yourself even taking a selfie with this gimbal.

However, one disadvantage that the gimbal possesses is its ability to produce irritating noise while in use, so IF you want to record audio, better use an external mic.

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