Review: Hobbypower Brushless 3-axis Hhg5d “Eagleeye” Gimbal

We are reviewing the Hobbypower Brushless 3 axis HHGD Eagleeye,a pro level DSLR Gimbal.

There is a few hurdles you will need overcome during the setup, especially if you have not put one of these DSLR Gimbals together before as there are a lot of different parts to assemble.

If you a complete novice, then it might take you quite some time.

About the Gimbal

Once you have the DSLR Gimbal setup you will realize that you will need to purchase some additional parts such as a controller as it is not included with the device, as well as a battery and charger.

Once you have all the additional parts, and you are fully setup, then you will have a beautifully working Gimbal.

It is designed to hold up a DSLR camera of up to 3kg such as: Sony A900, NIKON D5, D900/D800/D700/D8003, CANON 5D MarkII/MarkIII.

Real life use

The Hobbypower Gimbal is really well designed and is very well built out of aluminum alloy and real carbon fiber and the total weight of the Gimbal is 1790g.

The battery life on the device is quite good and lasted us around 3 hours despite the weight of our 2.5kg Canon 5D.


There are many videos on the internet that walk your through all the processes needed to fully setup the device as it doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

The videos show you how to exactly build the DSLR Gimbal , How to balance your camera to the device and how to use the device once you are ready to film.

The footage was extremely smooth and jittery free.

The 3 modes on the Gimbal are easy to use especially if want to use the Gimbal for filming low footage from the Briefcase mode.


  • Very well made. Extremely robust and steady.
  • Battery life is good for a DSLR Gimbal.
  • Great footage – completely free flowing videos.
  • Modes easy to adjust.
  • Great price compared to other DSLR Gimbals.
  • Holds a lot of weight without any issues.


  • Can be difficult to set up if you haven’t assembled a DSLR Gimbal before.
  • Doesn’t come with battery, charger or remote control. All need to be purchased separately.
  • Doesn’t come with a instruction manual, although there are a few videos on the internet to help you.

Overall review

Overall, the Hobbypower Brushless 3-axis Hhg5d Eagleeye DSLR Gimbal is a extremely well made device.


If you have experience with Gimbals, then it could be the one you are looking for to steady your camera for professional shooting.

There are a few extra parts that you will need to purchase, but that is fairly normal practice for DSLR Gimbals.

It isn’t going to cost your a fortune, as similar devices can set you back a few thousand dollars.

If you are a complete beginner, then you maybe need to look out for something less technical.

Look at this sample footage, taken with the Eagleeye:

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