Ikan FLY X3 Plus Handheld Gimbal Review (PROS & CONS)

Here we are reviewing the Ikan Fly X3 Plus 3 Axis Gimbal for Gopro and smartphones.

IKAN Fly X3 plus gimbal with a gopro

We have used the Ikan extensively for quite a while now and we can safely say it’s one of the best Gimbals we have looked at.

First of all, the Ikan Fly is among the most compact gimbals money can buy, with all wires and fittings nicely tucked into the handle.

The unit can support a load of about 750 grams, which is in the mirrorless camera category.

The first obstacle you could encounter is balancing the camera to the Gimbal.

Real life use

It may take some time to adjust the camera back and forth, but when you have the camera perfectly balanced you should be able to move the camera to any position.

The gopro should remain perfectly still in the new position.


Once the camera is fitted perfectly it will eliminate most shudder and calibration issues that you could encounter.

Calibration with the settings might need a firm standing, but you can switch off the Gimbal with one hand.

There is an included case for the Gimbal that is laser cut with hard form to ensure protection:

Ikan fly x3 plus case

The gimbal can be a little difficult to take out of the case, as the manufacturer forgot to include finger holes.

The Ikan Fly-X3 plus Gimbal gives extremely smooth footage.

There is no lagging or jumping from the brushless motors, which are also silent.

The unit has two modes, the first is the follow mode, which smoothly positions itself to the position you’re pointing it at.

The little control button lets you pan left, right and up and down smoothly and then adjusts itself into the facing position.

The second mode is static position, that keeps to the exact facing position it is set to, no matter how much you move the gimbal.

You can switch modes by pressing on the control button.




  • Extremely compacted and lightweight. Perfect for Drones.
  • Carry case to take the Gimbal out with you.
  • Quality footage. Smooth and buttery.
  • Not overly expensive.
  • 2 modes that are easy to implement.
  • High battery life of about 5 hours.
  • Is compatible with all Smartphones.



  • Camera can be difficult to add to the Gimbal.
  • Only holds up to 750 grams
  • Rubber covering on the unit can be flimsy.


Overall review

We would say if you are looking for a Gimbal to take professional shots, then the Ikan Fly could be the choice for you.

The video and audio were perfect without any jumping or lagging.

There is also a more expensive KIT version, with the following accessory :


Equipped with this kit, the fly x3 plus enters in DSLR and pro territory.

The price set is very reasonable for the tech you receive as we have spent much more on Gimbals that have not performed as well.


This is the kind of results you can expect with a gopro Hero 4 equipped with this stabilizer :

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