Lanparte LA3D Gimbal Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

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In this review, we are looking into the Lanparte LA3D Gopro Gimbal.


This particular Gimbal is unique in design as it can be used by holding it in your hand or mounting it on something such as your bicycle helmet or selfie stick.

It is compatible for most GoPro cameras such as the GoPro 3, GoPro 3+, or GoPro 4.

Another great feature of the Lanparte LA3D Gimbal is the ability to charge the device via its built-in power socket while filming the action!

It uses two types of batteries and depending on which ones you use  (18350 batteries – 4 hours use and 18650 batteries for 8 hours use).

The LA3D Gimbal helps you capture silk smooth, professional footage while you hold onto it when either Skateboarding, driving, walking or even running!


The Gimbal will stabilize your GoPro camera to ensure your videos do not have unwanted shaking and jittering.

As stated already, the device can be mounted on various items to ensure you have the best available shots, designed for extreme comfort.

You can attach it to any tripod or monopod, and for even head or chest mounting.

Real life use

There are three modes, they include :

  • Follow mode ( the GoPro camera follows the pan and tilt movements of your hand)
  • Semi-follow mode (the GoPro camera tilting is locked but it can be moved manually via the controlling pad and the camera follows the pan actions of your wrist.
  • Locked mode, the GoPro camera is locked and the pan and tilt movements can be made with the control pad.

There is also another mode that is designed for upside down use.


You have the ability to turn the Gopro Gimbal upside down and have the full tilt ranges while in both second and third modes.

It is an extremely useful addition when you want to film the action from really low to the ground with a upward angle motion.



  • Designed for both handheld and mounted usage.
  • High quality Aluminum body.
  • Fantastic design – high quality look.
  • Pan and Tilt control for maximum impact.
  • Built-in power socket for charging your GoPro camera while shooting.
  • Can be upgraded for Bluetooth wireless remote control.
  • Extremely easy to set up.



  • The instruction manual is hard to follow.
  • More expensive than some other Gimbals on the market.
  • Not waterproof.
  • Some parts can be difficult to take out of the storage bag.
  • Support isn’t native English.


Overall review

Overall, we think this Gimbal is the real deal.


If you don’t mind spending a little bit more than the average Gimbal then you will not go far wrong with the Lanparte LA3D Gimbal.

It is extremely well made, and the design is beautiful and the battery life is really really good.

The camera shots are incredibly smooth without putting any extra effort into it.

We would suggest you consider this Gimbal strongly, especially is you are looking to shoot both handheld or attached footage.


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1 Comment
  1. Maria L says

    Love the detachable handle concept. Received the gimbal in a nice packaging, and it also comes with a really nice carrying bag that I ended up using all the time.

    One problem with it though, as soon as you turn it off, the gimbal’s motors will let your gopro “fall”, and it will bang at the bottom of the gimbal.. So keep your gopro in hand when turning off the LA3D.

    It’s the only pitfall and I was quite surprised by it. Not sure if other gimbals behave the same or not.

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