Review: MOZA AirCross 3-Axis Gimbal – Is It Worth Your Money?


This is a nice gimbal with excellent stability. The mimic motion control really is very impressive.

We also like the many modes and the custom settings that can be accessed through the mobile app.

The fact that you can connect a cord to get unlimited battery life is also very handy.

All in all, this is a great product for the price.

While we wish that Moza would work out some of the glitches in the app, the Aircross is still a pretty good product and we would recommend it to pretty much any videographer needing a lightweight gimbal for their mirrorless camera.

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  • Stabilization - Effectiveness
  • Ease of use and setup
  • Value for the money

Professional videographers know that maintaining stability is essential to getting the right footage.

That’s exactly why in recent years, manufacturers have been launching more and more gimbal designs with 3-axis motion and plenty of user-friendly features. The question is, how do you get the most bang for your buck?

Well, if you happen to use mirrorless cameras and DSLRs, the MOZA AirCross available on Amazon may be a great option to take into consideration.

Below, we will take an in-depth look at this gimbal so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not it may be a good option for you as an individual.

We’ve included some of its best features and taken a look at what real users are saying. It’s our hope that this guide can be used to help simplify your search process. Let’s begin!

About This Gimbal

The Moza Aircross from gudsen is a super-lightweight and compact portable stabilization system for both mirrorless cameras and pocket digital cameras.

It has a maximum payload capacity of 1.8 kilograms and can be used with pretty much any mainstream market mirrorless camera and lens combos.

The impressive stabilization performance comes from motion mimicking technology that helps this gimbal move in unison with the videographer. It literally responds to your movements and adjusts accordingly for the best possible shot.

This gimbal also has some great modes such as the Sport Gear and Inception modes.

It also utilizes intelligent power supply technology which allows connection to a 3rd party power bank so you can literally shoot all day if you’ve got the 12.6V DC IN connector connected to the handgrip.

The Moza Aircross does an awesome job of balancing the sleek design and aesthetics with user-friendly features and utility. It’s also pretty comfortable to use. It’s much lighter than most other gimbals and seems to be an awesome option for what it costs.


The included tripod attaches at the bottom of the gimbal's handle

This is a pretty darn functional gimbal.

The motion stabilization is great. It mimics your movement to provide the stability that’s on par with gimbals that come at significantly higher price points.

It also has a universal quick release system.

The Moza Aircross is unique in the fact that it’s the 1st gimbal to be able to fit perfectly with both the Arca quick release plate as well as the Manfrotto 501PL.

You can easily remove your camera without having the hassle of detaching the rig, stabilizer, or tripod.

If you go ahead and get the separately sold thumb controller, you’ll be able to utilize responsive sensors with a simple touch of a thumbstick.

This is ideal for users who truly need responsive control.

If you’ve never used thumb controllers before, this would be a good place to start. The cost of the accessory is totally worth the convenience you get.

For long-exposure motion time-lapses, the Aircross is once again running with the big dogs. It gives you amazing time-lapse footage at a lower price than you’d expect to pay for the impressive shutter time, duration, and well-defined interval paths.

You only need the cables and app to customize your long-exposure time-lapse settings.

The application is also decent and pretty functional. Other impressive features that add to the overall functionality of this gimbal include remote and dual operator modes, parameter auto-tuning, and for useful follow modes.


The mobile application that has been designed to be used with this gimbal lets you input custom settings, access a variety of useful modes, and much more.

It has a user-friendly platform that’s pleasing to the eye.

It allows you to access a variety of important features for this gimbal. To really get the most out of the device, you’ll pretty much have to download the app.

in fact, many features are simply inaccessible without it.

We get it though, this is the nature of almost all innovative electronic devices in today’s world. So how does the app function when you’re using it? In reality, the application is very useful in many ways.

In motion and time-lapse and setup, the application allows you to input specific values for custom footage with less effort. Our only big complaints with the app are its little twitches.

We feel like these short lags are a sign of poor design or software problems that could be fixed easily.

We noticed that the application gets a bit twitchy and difficult to use for specific number value dialing. Adjusting timing for the motion time lapse can be annoying also because of the apps “wheel input”. Still, those are some pretty small tweaks.

The App is likely to get updated eventually and sort these little issues out. Overall, the application is pretty comprehensive and very easy to get the hang of.

Technical Specifications

It’s important to know the technical specs of any device that you’re considering purchasing. Here are a few important details pertaining to the Moza Aircross.

List of Supported Mirrorless Cameras
This gimbal can be used with the following widely used mirrorless cameras:
• Sony: a7SII, a7S, a7RIII, a7RII, a7R, a6500, a6300, a9, RX100
• Panasonic: Lumix GH5, Lumix GH4, Lumix G7, Lumix G85
• Canon: EOS M3, M5, M6, M10, M100 ·
• Fujifilm: X-T2, X-T20

Mechanical Endpoint Range
• Yaw Axis: ±360° continuously
• Tilt Axis: -175°-+135°
• Roll Axis: ±360° continuously

Angular Vibration Range
• 0.02°

Other Information
Capacity – 2000mAh
Battery Life – 12hrs / Endless with certain accessories
Voltage – 3.7V
Working Temperature – 0℃ to 40℃
Bluetooth – BLUETOOTH 4.0
Bluetooth Control Range – 10m
Control Interface – 2.4G
2.4G Remote Control Range – 50m
USB Connection – Input: Micro USB Output: Mini 10 PIN
CAN – Generic CAN Protocol

What Users are Saying

Users have been reviewing the Moza Aircross pretty positively on the whole. There have been a few complaints that have to do with follow speeds.

For example, one user commented that the follow speeds are by default a bit too fast.

This led to some slightly jerky footage. They adjusted their speed settings using the application. Another user summarized the functionality of this gimbal by saying that it’s a great value gimbal for mirrorless cameras.

They stated that it has been designed for smaller mirrorless cameras with a max payload of 1.8 kilograms and that it worked well with most popular mirrorless camera brands.

They tested it with the Sony Alpha Series, the Fuji XT2 and XT20, the Panasonic GH4 GH5, the Canon EOS M6 or M5, and the Nikon 1 or V3. For these cameras at least, the gimbal worked very well and was totally compatible with no noticeable issues.

Other users have said that the gimbal is beautifully designed to be both aesthetically appealing and utility-friendly. It’s also very comfortable to use and has an effortless and airy feel to it.

Essentially, user reviews seem to be pretty positive overall with only minor complaints.

What You Get

You may be wondering what you’ll actually get if you purchase this gimbal.

With the basic package, you’ll get the gimbal (obviously) as well as the provided cables (2) for Panasonic GH cameras and Sony Alpha cameras. You’ll also get two Power cables that allow you to charge and power camera.

Our Recommendation

If you’re trying to get a quality gimbal for your mirrorless camera and aren’t trying to break the bank, this is a pretty good choice. We like the stability control and the way that the Moza Aircross mimics user motion.

It’s also really light and comfortable to hold and use. Our only complaints have to do with the little glitches in the tech. The mobile application has some small issues that could be easily resolved.

Photographers know that little details matter. We hope that Moza will address these issues in their next application update.

Still, for the price, you do get a pretty impressive piece of equipment.

Even if you wind up having to purchase all of the accessories, you’ll still get a better value than you would with a few other high-end gimbal options.

If you can swing it, you should use the money you save on the gimbal to go ahead and get the extra cords, thumbstick, and a few of the other appealing accessories.

They let you really gain access to the full potential of this product. All in all, we would recommend the Aircross to almost all videographers who are already using mirrorless cameras and want to save some money in the short-term.

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