Review: Feiyu G4 Handheld Gimbal For GoPro (PROS & CONS)

Feiyu g4 gopro hero 4 stabilizer



About the Gimbal


In this review, we are looking at the Feiyu G4 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal is another super device from Feiyu tech, that  allows you to capture stabilized, free-flowing video shots with your GoPro cameras – HERO4, HERO3+, and HERO3.

It is held and operated using just one hand and features four different operating modes to increase your creative possibilities.

You can either choose to lock the camera in place along all three axis ( tilt, roll or pan), or select modes where the camera will smoothly follow as and when you pan and tilt the handle.

Switching between the different modes has never been easier simply push  the single LED push button on the handle, which then flashes to indicate the mode selected.

As with all Gimbals, it will take a bit a practice to be able to switch different modes while shooting, but once you do, it is well worth the effort.

Real life use

The Feiyu G4 Gimbal is designed for one-handed operation and is designed to keep all the wires hidden away, resulting is a clean, modern look.

feiyu g4 handling

Two sets of screws for the camera mounting are provided: The shorter set for securing just the GoPro Camera.

You will be happy to find a longer set to accommodate another GoPro device – the LCD Touch BacPac.

At the back of the camera mount there maintains an open access to the camera’s power and video ports that lets you view the built-in LCD screen on the HERO4 Silver or on the LCD Touch BacPac.

The G4 is powered using two rechargeable batteries that slot into the handle.

There is also a battery indicator light on the device that slowly decreases as the battery levels drop.

You know when you need to charge them back up with the included battery charger.

feiyu g4 battery pack

There are four different modes on this, Gimbal and they include:

  1. Pan Following Mode: Locks tilt and roll axis. Camera smoothly pans to follow the direction of the handle movement.
  2. Tilt and Pan Following Mode: Locks roll axis. Camera smoothly follows the pan and tilt motion of the handle.
  3. All Axis Lock Mode: Locks the pan, tilt, and roll axis of the camera in the position it is in when mode is activated.
  4. Inverted Mode: Allows you to turn the gimbal upside down. This mode is an inverted version of the Pan Following Mode.

feiyu g4 stabilizer


  • LED battery level indicator light. A great feature other Gimbals don’t have.
  • Handle is threaded to accept optional extension pole.
  • Four modes with a single button operation
  • Has access to power and video output ports
  • Four batteries and charger included
  • Longer set of camera mounting screws that are included to accommodate a GoPro with attached Touch LCD BacPac.


  • Cannot update the firmware without a windows device.
  • The modes can be a little difficult to get use to.
  • Doesn’t come with a protective holder.
  • Can take a bit of time updating the software.
  • The instruction manual not as good as it could’ve been.


Overall review

Another fantastic edition from Feiyu. It is similar to its earlier edition sibling the G3, but all the upgrades really make the newer version standout.

feiyu g4 packaging

We found the Gimbal to be extremely easy to use once we had the software uploaded and connected to the GoPro Camera.

The modes will take sometime for you “learn” them, so our advice is to have a little play with it for a hour or so, just to get use to the settings.

The videos were absolutely on point, super smooth flowing motions.

If you are on the lookout for a great handheld, Gimbal, then you won’t go far wrong with the Feiyu G4 3-Axis.

Have a look at this video by Youth project, shot with the G4 and a gopro hero 4:

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  1. Rudy says

    This thing is amazing! I switched from a 2 Axis gimbal to the G4, for my skiing footage. Makes my gopro videos look truly professional, way better than a 2 Axis stabilizer.

    Only problem is updating the firmware. I’m on a mac so had to borrow a friend’s laptop to do it. Also does not come with any instructions whatsoever on firmware update.

  2. Matt says

    Great review for a great product!
    I used an old-style mechanical steadicam system before, took a lot of time to get used to. The G4 is a totally different game and gives me much better results.


    – I was able to shoot steady Gopro videos without any practice, 10 minutes after opening the box
    – Fits my hero 4 perfectly

    – The instructions that they provide to setup the relevant software and drivers are really sub-par. They just send you to their website’s homepage without any info on what file to download. Took me some time to figure it out, could have been much simpler if they included the correct info in the box.
    – Does NOT work out of the box with a Mac! if you have a macbook laptop, you will actually need to emulate windows to update the gimbal..

  3. Brett Singleton says

    Anyone that loves GoPro and want to stabilize their camera, this thing is a game changer, there is no other way to put it. You decided to purchase it as I was taking the kids to Seaworld and I wanted to shoot the vacation as well as the animals the best way I could and boy, I was shocked at how well the gimbal worked. First of all, I was shooting an entire Orca show for around a hour and 15 minutes and naturally I was worried the batteries would run out, but it never did, and I manage to film about another half an hour before they gave up on me. Incredible. The videos shot was truly breathtaking, like a movie, I couldn’t believe it. The only downside is the battery charger only operates with 2 batteries, when the gimbal requires 3, I cannot understand the reasoning behind that, but don’t let that put you off – It is a awesome device, built to withstand anything I can throw at it. Buy Buy Buy!!

  4. JJ S says

    Hi, Now that there is the Feiyu G5, is there any advantage of the new version? I found a used G4 gimbal at a good price, but wondering if the G5 is really better? (I have a hero 4)

  5. Nasir says

    Hi, is this compatible with go pro hero 5?

  6. Richard says

    Is this compatible with the SJ4000?

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