Review: Redfox 3-Axis Handheld GoPro Gimbal (PROS & CONS)

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The Redfox 3-axis handheld gimbal is one of the best gopro gimbals.

It will help steading your footage for most GoPro cameras including –  gopro Hero 3, gopro 3+, gopro 4 and other action cameras around the same size.


The Redfox gimbal is very easy to setup. Once you have connected the device to the GoPro mounting bracket via the few screws the device comes with, you are pretty much set to go, as the latest firmware should already be installed to the device.

This gimbal is extremely compact, giving you peace of mind it will not break, even in the toughest conditions.

It is extremely lightweight compared to some of its counterparts.

Real life use

There is a built-in Bluetooth module that you can control via a downloadable application, giving you extra help to take even better images.

With 12 hours running time, the Redfox is one of the most efficient on today’s consumer markets and can also be charged up via the power loading station on your GoPro cameras.

The 3 modes include – head follow mode, locking mode and heading, pitch and roll that allow for 320 degrees rotation filming with no issues whatsoever.

Its frame is made out of Aluminium, ensuring the gimbal is extremely lightweight.


The lightweallowing you to be able to shot images for hours on end without you getting the dreaded “cameraman dead arm”.

The handle itself has gripping form that will give you extra traction when the going get tough when shooting in POV mode. Take a look at the what you receive with the gimbal below, along with its fantastic features:


What you get with the gimbal

  • Redfox Handheld Gimbal with 3 modes
  • Redfox Gimbal Charger
  • 3 x Adapters (UK, EU, AU)
  • Gopro Charging Cable
  • Gopro Lens Cap to protect your camera
  • Redfox Portable Bag for easy and safe transits.

Other fantastic settings
Intelligent power (up and down) settings, automatic precision balancing after powering the device up, long standby time to ensure you do not miss any “spare of the moment” action.

Strong motors and innovative drive algorithm that can power balance, even without a load.

There is also an Innovative servo drive technology system with developed adaptive FOC (Field Oriented Control) drive algorithm that enables the motor to be more powerful and efficient.

The control accuracy of motor is about 0.02 degrees, ensuring there is a strong anti-interference from the elements or any other server vibrations, this enables the gimbal to adjust and adapt to any unfavorable conditions.

Overall review

No matter what environment you are shooting, whether it be from a moving vehicle, or whether you are participating in some extreme sports, the Redfox 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal will smoothen out your gopro footage without any issues at all.


As the frame is extremely lightweight, you can take the gimbal with you at all times, without the feeling the device is going to break in transit. At an affordable price for a 3 Axis gimbal, the Redfox gimbal is a fantastic gopro camera stabilizer.

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