Review: Removu S1 Waterproof GoPro Gimbal (PROS & CONS)

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The Removu S1 is one of the newest, most advanced gimbals made to stabilize a GoPro.

Removu S1 stabilizer from behind

Able to mount anywhere a GoPro is mounted, the Removu paves the way to acquiring incredibly stable shots from angles that have previously not been possible.

Now you can record footage from all the same viewpoints you are used to, but the shots will be balanced and will not be shaky! There is nothing more annoying than trying to watch some footage but not being able to see much because of how unstable the camera was.

The Removu virtually eliminates this problem.

The Removu S1 also comes with a wireless controller so it can be manipulated remotely via bluetooth.

Wireless control for the removu s1 stabilizer

Customers have raved about the ingenious design of the S1 gopro Gimbal.

With its detachable handle, you can mount the gimbal anywhere you would normally mount a GoPro, like the handlebars of a bike, a helmet, or even a skateboard.

Or, you can attach the gimbal’s handle and hold the device while performing stunts.

Removu S1 gimbal with a gopro hero 4 attached to it

This will enable you to film yourself almost like you would with a selfie-stick, but your footage will actually be stable and therefore more professional-looking.

Key features review

Let’s take a peek at some of the Removu S1’s other key features.


 The Removu S1 gimbal for GoPro features a “rainproof design” with the body of the device being comprised mostly of aluminum.

Aluminum is water resistant, so you no longer have to worry about your gimbal being damaged by weather when you are shooting outside.

This gimbal also includes a waterproof housing that will protect the actual GoPro camera.

Ad showing the rainproof capabilities for the removu 1 gopro gimbal

People have often been hesitant to capture videos of things that could potentially harm their GoPro gimbals like water events.

It has even been risky to film in the rain due to the possibility of the electrical components of the camera getting damaged by moisture.

This threat is no longer as problematic with the Removu S1 3-Axis Gimbal.

With a rainproof design, you can film in settings like ski slopes, humid climates, and splash zones without worry. Removu’s rainproof design protects the gimbal and the camera from damage by moisture. The possible locations of your film projects just became endless!        


The Removu gimbal for GoPro has a remote control that connects via Bluetooth so you can designate how and when you want the gimbal to move without physically altering it.

The remote has a joystick to allow for optimal custom control of your GoPro’s orientation and situation.

This is an incredibly convenient feature which makes it a much simpler process to customize the way you are shooting video. You no longer will need to detach the GoPro from its mount to change your shooting angle.

The joystick control makes controlling your gimbal similar to flying a drone. It is incredibly simple to change what you are filming when you can do it remotely.

Removu s1 closeup


Aside from being rainproof and having a Bluetooth remote control, here are some other exciting features included in the Removu S1 3-Axis Gimbal:


  • Footage stabilization using 3 different axes
  • OLED display for easy viewing even in poor lighting
  • Handheld Design with detachable handle for versatility
  • Mountable Design that can be utilized anywhere you would normally mount a GoPro
  • Four different stabilization modes- pan mode, lock mode, follow mode, and inversion mode

By now, you are probably in agreement that this gimbal is a truly revolutionary device, but you may still have some more questions. Fear not, for we have taken the top 9 most commonly asked questions and found the answers! Take a look below.

Commonly Asked Questions


1) Does the Removu Gimbal work with any cameras other than a GoPro?

-This gimbal will work with a few other types of cameras, namely the Xiomi Xi model and the HERO4 session model.

2) Are there multiple GoPro models that the Removu S1 is compatible with?

-Yes, you can use your Removu with the HERO3, HERO3+ and HERO4 (including HERO4 Session) GoPros.

removu s1 gopro hero compatibility

3) Is the Removu S1 able to use GoPro’s standard waterproof housing?

-No, you will need to use the Removu’s custom waterproof housing, which is actually lighter in weight and will improve the gimbal’s overall performance by putting less tension on its motors.

4) Why is the GoPro itself not in a housing?

-When you purchase a Removu, it will come with two housings which include a frame housing and a separate custom housing that is waterproof.

5) Is this gimbal completely waterproof? Why not?

-No, the Removu is water-resistant and, for the first time ever, rain-proof, but the motors would not function properly if they were completely submerged in liquid. The rain-proof feature will still allow you to stabilize your shots in wet environments, but should not be put underwater entirely.

6) Where can I watch footage captured using the Removu S1 gimbal?

-Footage will be posted very soon by the manufacturer.

7) What is the total weight of the Removu S1 gopro gimbal?

-With the handlebar attached, the Removu weighs roughly 328g or .73 pounds. On its own, the S1 gimbal weighs 302g or .67 pounds. The minimal weight of this device makes it extremely comfortable to use, and will not have a negative effect on your camera.

8) What are the dimensions of the Removu S1 3-Axis gimbal?

-The Removu S1 measures 4 centimeters wide, 6 centimeters high, and 26 centimeters long.

items in removu's s1 gimbal package

9) Is the Removu’s battery chargeable? How do I charge it?

-Yes, you can charge your Removu’s battery along with its Bluetooth remote control by placing them in the charging dock that will come included with your purchase of the S1.

Removu s1 with a gopro hero 4

Bottom line

The Removu S1 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro is a uniquely revolutionary tool that will take your video quality to the next level. If you are aiming to produce the best content using a GoPro, then the Removu S1 is simply a necessity that you must acquire.

Well worth the financial investment, this gimbal will have you reeling in the great footage.

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  1. steffen namork says

    Hello. I`m very satisfied with my R1.Perfect when snowmobiling having the camera on helmet. I wonder if it is possible to have both the camera and the S1 connected to the power outlet supply on the snowmobile while driving. Batteries doesn`t last long in cold conditions and it is freezing cold just to change batteries.

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