Review: WINGSLAND VIPRO Gopro Gimbal (PROS & CONS)

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Gopro gimbals give you the creative freedom you need to capture the best moments and present them as you let your imagination run wild, without having to worry about bumpy videos or unsteady mechanics.

Wingsland 3-Axis gimbal in Horizontal position

Wingsland’s 3 Axis stabilizer is quite affordable compared to competitors. It uses three different brushless motors to level your camera while translating your commands into movement responses.

Your Go-pro camera is seamlessly floating in the air cancelling out any sudden jolts and unwanted movements.

The computing power of the wingsland gimbal lies within its inner circuit board known as the controller.

It sends electrical impulses through the gimbal, translating your exact force and direction.

The Wingsland 3-Axis GoPro gimbal offer you a vibration free and shakeless camera shooting experience.

Unlike the rest of Wingsland products (Wingsland is mainly a drone manufacturer), their 3-axis GoPro gimbal is what someone might call a high-end selfie stick.

Vipro gimbal brushless motors

It is made to capture your ideas in the best quality possible. For the price, It is a well-rounded gimbal that will not only get the job done, but it will leave you speechless when you see the results.

Shooting modes and features

Right off the box, you will notice something about Wingsland Vipro gimbal.

It looks good and different from other go-pro gimbals. Its Orange / futuristic design is an interesting and innovative choice.

Wingsland’s patented orange color leaves a unique mark on the product itself.

High quality materials ensure a reasonable durability, ensuring that it will resist damage and continual use over time.

You can use the Winglsand in four different modes:

  1. Pitching Lock
  2. Following 1
  3. Following 2
  4. Trik Photography

Besides being compatible with the famous GoPro HERO cameras, the Wingsland is also compatible with a vast variety of different cameras.

Man holding a gimbal in a desert

All you have to do is mount your camera to the Vipro and capture amazing videos and images.

It packs a high precision 15 bit angling system which is essential to produce really stable go-pro videos

Is it built to resist?

The integrated grip on this gimbal and the convenience it provides make it an easy to use tool regardless of the activity you will be participating in.

Whenever you are moving fast, Wingsland got you covered by implementing a nice grip material in order to protect your device from falling or slipping.

With the Wingsland Bundle, you will be getting an EVA Carrying case which comes in handy during long journeys.

It further protects its parts when disassembled, as well as extra batteries.

Doesn’t matter if you are trying to capture amazing mountain bike sceneries or you are just in need for a gimbal for portable photography, this brushless gimbal will give you a quality way worth its price.

Wingsland VIPRO H gimbal top view

In fact, it can compete with more expansive gimbals like the Feiyu G5 or the official gopro karma grip.

Let’s take a peek into its most noticeable upside:

Vipro Gimbal features

  • 3-Axis stabilization at an affordable price. Makes you forget about bumpy videos and turns you into a pro-level cinematic genius when it comes to steady shots.
  • Setting up in a blink of an eye. Unlike other gimbals on the market, the Wingsland Vipro is easily set up right off the box, thus saving you time and nerves.
  • Performance at your service. It features precise motors delivering an unprecedented level of stabilization, camera feathering and performance resulting in your best, smoothest shots every time.
  • Four stabilization modes. It comes with factory-installed modes such as Pitching Lock, Following 1, Following 2, and the Trick Photography mode.
  • Helps your GoPro. It features a built in charging cable to give your GoPro’s battery life a kick. The mounting tray supports the addition of the “GoPro LCD bacpac” and other battery bacpac if needed.

Online Customer Reviews & Scores

There is a saying that customers never lie, and by listening to their opinion you can get a rather solid score on the product you are about to get.

Positive ratings

Well, with Wingsland Vipro 3-axis GoPro Gimbal, customers are almost entirely unanimous.

It is a great gimbal and the reviews reflect this.

It averages around 4 stars on Amazon reviews at the time of writing this review and customers using GoPros could really benefit from it.

People reviewed the wingsland and said that the case is made really well and holds a lot of spare batteries for your GoPro and the gimbal itself as well as GoPro accessories and chargers for both.

Orange Carrying case for the vipro gopro stabilizer

The Wingsland VIPRO gimbal is also rock solid according to customers and really easy to operate, the buttons are easy to press and the 4 modes available are all useful in their own right.

Buyers also mention that the stabilization is great with only a slight hint of up and down when walking on rough terrain.

As far as the battery life goes people claim in their reviews that the gimbal’s battery stays active and has plenty left even after 4 battery cycles on their GoPros.

It even comes with a set of spare batteries so that will surely never leave you in a situation where you run out of power for the gimbal itself.

Negative reviews and caveats

The wingsland 3 axis vipro gimbal is not compatible with the Gopro Hero 5 or with the Hero-5 Session and that could be a letdown for some of you. (look at our list of gimbals compatible with the gopro hero 5 if that is your case)

Frequently Asked Question about Wingsland’s Gimbal

Do you get a carrying case, battery charger and some extra batteries with the gimbal?

Yes, if you purchase this bundle you get a hard protection case along with two extra batteries.

What do we receive in the box?

Gimbal Stabilizer, case and batteries; other accessories: the remote controller, an extension selfie stick, and a mobile phone holder are bought separately. Although they seemed to be out of stock at the time of writing this review.

Does it work with a GoPro Hero5?

At the time of this review, it doesn’t support GoPro Hero5.

What type of material has been used in the gimbal and its handle?

The handle is made of high-strength plastics made by hot-pressing plastic particles and rubber powder. The main body is aluminium alloy.

Our Overall rating

All in all customers recommend the wingsland 3 Axis to any Gopro user as a fairly cheap way to stabilize footage.

Hero 4 attached to the wingsland vipro stabilizer

If you are looking for a decent gimbal without breaking the bank, and which provides you a great user experience, this is the right product for you.

If you are a Hero 5 Owner though, or if you are thinking of an upgrade later on, we would advise to invest a little more money;

Buy something like the EVO GP pro, or Karma grip (checkout our homepage for reviews).

In the end, WINGSLAND is primarily a drone manufacturer, and we are not sure how much effort will be put into developping and supporting their gimbals.

The Vipro is still a really nice product for the price, can’t really be beaten at this price point at the moment.

Have a look at some sample footage from Wingsland:

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